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Plain water freezes quicker than salt water. Salt is a heating element, which is why it is often used to melt ice. This property causes water that has salt in it to freeze at a slower pace.

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Q: Does plain water or salt water freeze quicker?
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Related questions

What freezes faster-salt water or plain water?

plain water, but the salt water will freeze colder

Does salt water or plain water freeze faster?

Pure water freeze faster.

What would freeze quicker tap water or salt water?

Tap water.

What will freeze faster salt water or plain water?

Salt water will freeze faster because salt soaks in heat, making the water colder faster

Which will freeze fastest water or salt water?

plain water Salt lowers the freezing point of water.

What would freeze faster salt water sugar water or plain water?

The pure water freeze faster.

How long do it take salt water or water to freeze and which one freeze quicker?

water freezes faster and only water freezes it takes AGES for salt water to freeze water takes about 4 hours in a freezer

Does salt water freeze faster than plain water?

Salt water does not freeze faster than pure water, and it freezes at a lower temperature. Salt is a form of anti-freeze, which is why it is put on roads in the winter, to help melt the snow.

What happens if you freeze salt with water?

Salt lowers the temp at which water freezes, that's all that happens. So it will defrost quicker, too.

Which will freeze fastest tap water tap salt water and tap sugared water?

Plain Tap water would freeze fastest.Adding salt or sugar to tap water will cause a depression/decrease in freezing point. Hence it will be harder to freeze the tap salt or sugar water.

Is this a good hypothesis I think objects rust quicker in salt water than in plain water without salt?

Metal rust quickly in salt water than it does in pure water.

How long does it take for 2 tablespoons of salt water to freeze?

It depends on how you're trying to freeze them, of course: if you have a freezer that goes to 0 degrees F, like the one in the back room of a supermarket, it'll take as long to freeze the salt water as it would plain water. (Salt water has a lower freezing temperature than plain water but if you have a cold-enough freezer, it'll freeze.) If you pour it into liquid nitrogen, it'll freeze instantly. It also depends on the temperature of the salt water at first. Also, which type of salt, and how pure the water is. It also depends on the concentration of salt.

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