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Does plankton eat algae?


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Some plankton do eat algae. Phytoplankton are a form of algae, and some zooplankton are consumers of phytoplankton.

Water bugs eat algae and plankton

no oysters eat shrimp and algae. however, they do not eat plankton

Plankton. Algae. Not plankton! Any species of algae and yeast.

They eat plankton, bacteria, and algae!

they eat algae and microscopic creatures.

Copepods eat plankton and bacteria and algae.

I'm assuming you mean Whales, they eat plankton and algae I believe.

Plankton is not algae. Plankton eats algae though.

Plankton eat a variety of different things. They eat everything from algae to seaweed to bacteria. Then, animals like whales eat the plankton.

A zoo plankton eats algae.

Algae, plankton & bacteria

seaweed, plankton, and algae!

Periwinkles eat microscopic algae and plankton.

They usually eat plankton, Organisms, and algae

Zoo plankton eat only algae and bacteria.

insects usually dont eat zooplankton. They eat algae.

The anemone fish eat plankton and algae.

Yes they do. They also eat assortments of Algae.

No, they eat plankton, kelp, algae and phytoplankton.

AnswerHerring are herbivores and eat algae, plankton, kelp and phytoplankton.

Microscopic plankton and algae.

Ducks will eat plankton and algae but prefer other things. Some of the things they eat are bread, fish, crayfish and berries.

no.... if there is no algae there is no plankton... if there is no plankton there is no fish or baby fish

Algae are plank plankton.

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