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yes. pregnant women can feel sick all times of day not just morning.

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Q: Does pregnant women can feel evening sickness?
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Im not pregnant but sometimes you feel morning sickness can this be that im pregnant?

If you are not pregnant then no you cannot be pregnant.

When does a women start vomiting if she is pregnant?

Morning sickness usually starts around 8-12 weeks. Some women vomit but some just feel nautious & the lucky ones feel fine!

What can you feel when you are pregnant?

The first signs of pregnancy are morning sickness.

Could you be pregnant if you do not feel nausea?

yes sickness does not occur to all pregnant wemon

Do you get sick everytime you pregnant?

Some people doesnt feel sickness everytime their pregnant.

How soon afteR being pregnant will you feel morning sickness?

It's neither here nor there

Do all women get morning sickness?

No, not all women get morning sickness. The symptoms of pregnancy are different with each and every person. I had morning sickness with all of my pregnancy's but my mom didn't have morning sickness with any of hers. So you may or may not experience it. Every woman's body is different and some can't handle the changes in hormone levels which causes pregnant women to feel sick. Other women can take to the changes very well and hardly have any problems with their pregnancy.No. Morning sickness is quite common, but not universal.

Do you feel sick when your pregnant?

Yes, one of the early symptoms that some people experience when pregnant is called morning sickness.

How does it feel when you conceive?

When you first conceive, you will not feel any different. Once you are about four weeks pregnant, you will start to have morning sickness.

Is it normal for your stomach to hurt when your pregnant?

Yes, it is very normal to feel nauseous and have cramps during pregnancy. Some women experience morning sickness. This is when you feel very sick in the morning and you sometimes vomit. Relax, this is normal.

How many weeks until you start to feel sick when you are pregnant?

Some women never experience morning sickness, some have it throughout their pregnancy (and not exclusively in the morning). Each pregnancy is different.

What if I don't feel sick or feel the baby at 5-6 weeks?

Many women experience "morning sickness" during the first trimester of their pregnancy and other women don't. However, women sometimes don't experience morning sickness until they are 6 weeks pregnant. If you do experience morning sickness you should have some relief by 14 weeks. Some women have a greater chance of having morning sickness - migraine sufferers, history of motion sickness, pregnant with multiples and if your family members experienced morning sickness. Consider yourself lucky if you are feeling well and don't worry about it! You won't be able to feel the baby move until 16 - 22 weeks even though the baby starts to move around week 7. You will be able to see the baby move when you get an ultrasound. The baby's movement feels like butterflies in your stomach and will get stronger as your pregnancy progresses.

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