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No. Once the brain is fully developed, at about 21 years of age. It does not grow anymore. Protein is main building block of the body and used to maintain the brain. Another good source of 'brain food' is Omega-3 fatty acids. Some good sources include seafood, particularly salmon and shrimp.

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How can you make your hips larger?

You can exercise and make your hips grow more muscles. Eat a diet with enough protein to help the muscles grow.

Can water make your brain cells to grow?

Yes water can make your brain cells grow, but too much water will make your brain cells burst.

Will snorting protein make your brain stronger?


What food make you grow bigger?


Growth hormones can make cells grow larger or smaller?


What makes protein for the cell so it can grow and repair?

Ribosomes make protein in a cell.

How can you make your muscles grow fast?

To make your muscles grow fast you need a protein rich diet and adequate exercise.

Does milk make you grow?

I don't think it makes you GROW, but it does build strong bones with the protein.

Do protein make your hair grow?

yes take it one a day

Will protein make you grow bigger breast?

it can but also when your taking in protein you will need to excersize your upper body along with it

How do you make men hair grow faster?

Eating lots of protein makes hair grow faster and makes it healthier and stronger. The reason for this is that hair is made of protein.

This process can make individual mineral crystals grow larger?


Does protein make a child grow taller?

No. While a protein deficiency could stunt growth, excessive protein will not cause beyond normal increases in height.

What foods can make a teenager grow tall faster?

Fried egg can makes you grow faster as it contains pure protein and milk helps you to grow

Why do fish make you smart?

fish oil make you smart because of all the protein calcium and minerals for your body and brain

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Eat a balanced diet containing a lot of protein.

What foods can I eat to make my hair grow longer faster?

Eat lots of protein.

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trout pellets, they make the goldfish grow larger, faster, just a couple a day

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sorry babe, you cant :/

Will changing your birth control make your breasts grow even larger?


When brain cell dies due to sneezing do they grow back?

Brain cells never grow back. But sneezing doesn't kill brain cells, and even if it did, you have so many brain cells losing a few would literally make no difference at all.

Does the nucleus make protein for the cell?

No, the nucleus does not make protein for the cell. A different organelle, called the ribosome, does. The nucleus is simply responsible for storing the DNA in the cell, and is often considered the "Brain of the cell".

Is a peptide bigger than a protein?

No, peptides are another name for amino acids which make up proteins. So, a protein is much larger than a peptide.

Are there things to eat to make penis larger?

Nope, Erections help the penis grow.

How can you make your breasts grow without gaining weight?

No, you can't grow larger breasts without gaining weight all over.