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Yes it does because protein contains amino acids and that will make your spine go longer if u really wanna grow do some stretches and aim for six meals that will boost it

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Does protein make a child grow taller?

No. While a protein deficiency could stunt growth, excessive protein will not cause beyond normal increases in height.

which is the best vegan protein powder?

Hemp Protein

What are some recipes for protein shakes without protein powder?

Protein shakes without protein powder comprise protein rich foods. To know best of the protein shake recipes check out bodyandstregnth

Does protein powder increase your penis size?

Taking protein powder does not increase the size of your penis. Protein powder is taken by those who wish to increase muscle mass.

What protein powder has the highest percent of protein?

Organic Vegan Protein Powder, Vegan Meal, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Dairy-free.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of protein powder?

Some advantages of protein powder are muscle building and weight loss. Disadvantages of protein powder usage are kidney stones, gout, and weight gain.

Expiration date on whey protein powder?

whats general expiry duration of whey protein powder?

How many tablespoons is 100 grams of protein powder?

6.6 tablespoons in 100 gm of protein powder.

What are the benefits of hemp protein powder?

There are several benefits of hemp protein powder. This powder is one of the richest sources of protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids. The Vitamin Shoppe carries this product.

Is it okay for a teenage girl to use whey protein powder?

It is definitely alright to use whey protein powder. Just make sure not to overdose on protein because it can be harsh on the kidneys. Also, if you're trying to lose weight/gain muscle, make sure to check out the sugar content of the protein powder. It's best to get the whey protein isolate since that is pure protein powder.

Does protein shake have pig in it?

yes, yes it does my dear... protein powder is just blended pig, which is dried, then crushed into a powder.

How many tablespoons would be needed to make 30G of protein powder?

Depends on the density of the powder. Look at the serving size on a protein powder nutrition label to find out.

Can you use cocoa powder as a subsitute for chocolate protein powder?

simply NO

What are quality brands of protein powder?

EAS is a good protein powder and so is Muscle Milk but it all comes down to taste and if you want a full whey protein or a complex powder that has whey and soy. EAS is my favorite.

What energy increases height?

I don't think energy increases height the more you eat your body expands

does gravity increases or decreases with height?

It decreases with height.

Does protein go bad?

Yes protein powder can go bad.

How do you get thicker fast?

Protein powder.

Who invented protein powder?


Does protein powder have a bit of steroids in it?


Can you use protein Powder as an alternative to food?

Protein powder is a means of supplementing one's diet, but it is not a replacement for food or even a meal.

Why should I take a protein powder?

Protein powder is a faster and more efficient way to build muscle mass. Protein powder should not be consumed excessively because there could be side effects if more than the recommended amount is taken.

What is the shelf life of whey protein powder?

About 2 - 3 years if pure protein powder without fat and kept in storage that don't exceed room temperatures. -- The Professor

What happen to area of triangle when you increase its base or height?

As the base or height of a triangle increases, its area increases as well.

If you consume protein powder for building muscle will the effect of the protein powder diminish if you drink plenty of water daily?

No, water is very good for you.