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Yes it does because protein contains amino acids and that will make your spine go longer if u really wanna grow do some stretches and aim for six meals that will boost it

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Q: Does protein powder increases height
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Does protein make a child grow taller?

No. While a protein deficiency could stunt growth, excessive protein will not cause beyond normal increases in height.

Does protein powder increase your penis size?

Taking protein powder does not increase the size of your penis. Protein powder is taken by those who wish to increase muscle mass.

which is the best vegan protein powder?

Hemp Protein

Expiration date on whey protein powder?

whats general expiry duration of whey protein powder?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of protein powder?

Some advantages of protein powder are muscle building and weight loss. Disadvantages of protein powder usage are kidney stones, gout, and weight gain.

What is whey protein powder?

Whey protein powder is the preferred protein supplement, as it is the most bio-absorbent, and consists of natural dairy protein. It is best to get an isolated form of whey protein.

What protein powder has the highest percent of protein?

Of Course, whey protein powder is the best powder and it is 100% pure protein powder as well as i also daily use it. For More Information about this product visit below ulr:

Where can someone purchase Isopure protein powder?

There are several places where someone can purchase Isopure protein powder. Websites such as, vitaminshoppe, zero-isopure, and supplementwarehouse, all sell Isopure protein powder.

What are the benefits of hemp protein powder?

There are several benefits of hemp protein powder. This powder is one of the richest sources of protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids. The Vitamin Shoppe carries this product.

What are some recipes for protein shakes without protein powder?

Protein shakes without protein powder comprise protein rich foods. To know best of the protein shake recipes check out bodyandstregnth

How do you get thicker fast?

Protein powder.

Who invented protein powder?


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