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No. If you are on Birth Control, you do not need to use the pull out method because the birth control should stop you from getting pregnant

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Q: Does pull out method need to be used with Mirena?
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Should Mirena be used for longer than five years?

There is not evidence that Mirena is effective beyond five years. Women who have had the same Mirena for more than five years should use an alternative method of birth control. Those wanting to continue using Mirena should have the current one removed after five years, and a new one inserted.

Can Mirena be used if one had GT?


Does Mirena prevent pregnancy?

Mirena is an IUD intended to prevent pregnancy. It can also be used to manage heavy or painful periods.

Can you sue Mirena birth control for getting pregnant?

You were given information on the risk of pregnancy if you used Mirena. A successful lawsuit is unlikely.

Do antibiotics affect mirena?

I'm pretty sure they do not. I used to have Mirena earlier this year, and I was told that after it was inserted, I could completely forget about it until the 5th year, which is when it should be removed.No, antibiotics DO NOT affect Mirena.

Which software installation method is used when a customer runs Google play from a mobile device?


You used the pull out method?

I presume you mean during sex, as a method of hoped-for contraception. That method is very unreliable, and pregnancy can easily happen. Use a condom or get the female to tahe 'the pill'.

Can the Mirena and Yaz pill be used together long term?

I had the mirena inserted Oct 2012, but with that I had the bad luck of an ovarian cyst. I used Yaz for 6 months and the cyst disappeared. It made it's appearance again end of 2013 and the cyst had burst. You can use Yaz together with the mirena but not for long term.

If you have Mirena coil in site and strings have disappeared making the Mirena a lost coil What is the solution?

If you can't feel the strings, that doesn't mean the Mirena is "lost." See your health care provider for an ultrasound to confirm the IUD is in place. If it's at the top of your uterus and you're happy on the IUD, there's no need to remove it. If the IUD is not in place, then you need to get a new IUD or find an alternate method. If you would like to stop the IUD, your health care provider normally can locate the strings in the endocervical canal without difficulty, usually just by using a q-tip as used during a pap smear. If the strings are missing, be sure to use a backup method of birth control until your health care provider can confirm that the IUD is in place.

You have used Mirena for about a year and a half you have always had a period every month but you have not had one in the last three months is this normal while using this IUD?

Yes, absent periods are a normal side effect of Mirena.

What birth control is good to take while breastfeeding?

Any method without estrogen can be used while breastfeeding. These include the progestin-only pill, Mirena or Paragard IUD, Nexplanon, Depo-Provera among the hormonal methods. Among non-hormonal methods, condoms are the method with the highest effectiveness.

If me and my boyfriend didn't use protection and he used the pull out method and I am a little late on my period what is the chance I am pregnant?

The chance is pretty good. People who practice the withdrawal method are called "parents."

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