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Q: Does putting alcohol in a freezer lower the alcoholic content?
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Is it true that putting cassette tapes in the freezer revitalises them?

No, putting cassette tapes in the freezer will not revitalize them. This will damage the tapes. However, putting batteries into the freezer will revitalize the battery charge.

Will putting bananas in the freezer stop them from turning brown?

Yes, putting them in a freezer stops the ripening process.

In your freezer several bottles vodka have frozen to a slushie state but no one has watered them down any explanations?

alcohol freezes at a lower temperature to water. putting vodka in the freezer will not freeze the alcohol it contains but will freeze everything else! This means the ice in the bottle is the 'everything ese' and the liquid is the pure alcohol! But forgod's sake dont drink the pure alcohol.

Can you fix a phone screen by putting it in the freezer?

If a phone screen is cracked or broken, putting the phone in the freezer will not help the crack. If the display is not working properly, putting the phone in the freezer for a short time might help but it shouldn't be left in the freezer for longer than a few minutes.

Why does A person who drinks a lot of alcoholic beverages urinate frequently?

Alcohol is a diuretic substance. What this means is it takes more liquid out of you than you're putting in via drinking. mastering answer: Alcohol inhibits ADH secretion.

Can you charge a battery by putting it in the freezer?


Can you get cancer from putting plastic bottles in the freezer?

no you cant

Can you shrink a power balance?

yes by putting it in the freezer

How do you freeze your laptop screen?

Putting it in the freezer should do it.

How do you get rid of fish smell in a freezer compartment?

Try putting an open box of baking soda in the freezer.

What can you do to stop water from freezing when you put it in the freezer?

Turn your freezer off before putting the water inside.

Will putting more food in a freezer make it work less?


How do you cool liquids instantly?

Putting ice into them or put them into freezer.

Why does a new freezer have to be switched on for 12 hours before putting any food in it?

The reason that a new freezer has to be switched on for 12 hours before putting any food in it is so that the freezer will have time to get to the proper temperature for food storage. The freezer is too warm when it is first turned on, and food put in would likely spoil.

How do you keep ice cold?

by putting it in the freezer...that makes it freeze and get cold...

Putting a balloon in a freezer is one way to demonstrate?

Charles Law

Putting a balloon in the freezer is one way to demonstrate what?

Charles law

How do you safely store food not for immediate consumption?

By putting it in a fridge and/or freezer

How does alcohol affect my liver?

alcohol effects your liver by putting lipids on it.

What is demonstrated by putting a balloon in the freezer?

That gas has a different volume at different tempratures.

Can you freeze broccoli chees soup?

You can freez anything you want just by putting it in the freezer.

How can you stop freezer burning?

Before putting anything in the freezer, put it in some type of plastic wrap, get all the air out of it and make sure there are no holes in the plastic.

Can you make alcoholic beer from nonalcoholic beer?

Yes. By putting valka in it sorry if i did not spell it right.

How long can you keep cooked sausage in the freezer?

sothin bout putting tuna on a plate then put it neer the sausage and it will stay in the freezer utill u remove the tuna

Can you freeze fungi?

You can indeed freeze fungi. This is a very simple process and can be completed by putting them in the freezer.