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Does quick charging a battery hurt the alternator?


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if you boost charge a battery you should discinnect it from the car.

if not you may burn out the alternator

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Yes, alternators are designed to maintain the battery, or recharge a battery that has been slightly discharged from starting the car. When the alternator is used to recharge a dead battery, it causes the alternator work harder and longer than it is designed for, causing it to overheat, thus causing damage to the alternator. A battery charger should be used instead. They are designed for charging dead batteries. After the battery is charged, let the alternator maintain the charge.

if u leave a laptop charging over the limit it could hurt the battery because if that happens the laptop could die

best way to tell if the alternator is charging is to unhook the battery with the engine running, if it shuts off then you know you have a bad alternator, i wouldn't recommend this with newer vehicles due to the fact you could hurt the computer but an 89 i wouldn't worry about that so much, good luck!

Occasional over-charging won't hurt the phone... simply discharge the battery completely before re-charging.

Intermittent Operation of the Charging System Warning LightIf I understand what you mean by "battery light," what I call a charging system "Idiot Light," then there could be several causes, but...The most common cause is that when the engine idle speed drops below a certain point, the RPM required to cause optimum alternator output is too low momentarily, and that indicates that there is more current flowing OUT of the battery than the charging system is putting INTO the battery.If the light goes out on increase in engine RPM, then this is probably the cause, and it's not an indication of a problem in the charging system.If this is the case, it would not hurt to have a qualified engine technician check the engine idle speed, and readjust if necessary

It doesn't hurt to fully discharge the battery occasionally. Some batteries develop a 'memory' that they will not charge beyond, giving the appearance of shorter battery life.

It will not hurt it in the least.

Quick can be defined as "the tender sensitive flesh of the living body, esp. that under the nails." (Random House College Dictionary). To "hurt to the quick" or another common expression "cut to the quick" means to injure deeply.

no it dosent hurt more of a quick nip

Yes, it can get the battery wet and short circuit it.

nope. you might have to clean the terminals to the battery with a wire brush, but it doesn't hurt the car at all.

i NEED A LITTLE HELP MY FRIENDS....ANYBODY OUT THERE? If you are pausing between notches, that will not hurt anything.

Clean it out!! water will not hurt an alternator but Antifreeze will breakdown the varnish on the Stator windings! Oils is bad but Antifreeze is worse.

the ipod have a lithium-ion battery and have an in-built chip that regulates charging. when fully charged and while still plugged, this chip will let the battery run down slightly say 5% then let it charge back up to 100% again this is good for the battery as it keeps the cells working, which is essential for Li-Ion batteries. so the short answer is charge it whenever, however and for as long as you want, it's not going to hurt it in the slightest. what does hurt the batteries is being fully dis-charged all the time or storing it for long periods of time at less than 50% charge.

It may have done some damage to anything that runs at all times.. Wireless locks, radio, computer systems and the Alternator could all have been hurt. The length of time the battery was on wrong makes a big difference as there is some protection on all this equipment.

If the electrical connectors are the same configuration and the mounting brackets allign the Amperage difference will not hurt your system in the least. Be sure your battery has had a good slow charge to bring it right up before you go for a drive.

it'll be something to do with the fuel or spark. check fuel pump, plugs and distributer cap, fuses wouldnt hurt either.

no they should not because you could possibly get hurt with it still on.

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you might have shorted out something-started, but the same thing happened to me, and it was the stupidest thing in the world and wouldn't hurt to check, do u have an alarm system? my car has a trip sensor so when the battery is changed or shorted to try to hotwire, alarm is automatically applied, and wont start with the alarm on The clicking sound is the starting relay and is typical of a battery with low voltage. You didn't state the reason the old battery was replaced. If it was because of age, the above alarm issue may be the cause. If the old battery was only a couple of years old and not holding a charge, there could be a slow drain from short. If it worked when first installed and within a few starts it is failing, then I would suspect something in the charging circuit. A good alternator will put out about 14 volts at the battery terminals with the engine running.

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