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Does quitting drinking cause your skin to break out badly?

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Yes, in some people it can because they are getting rid of toxins. Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water and stay away from too many fats or sugars. It not uncommon for a person who has quit drinking to crave especially chocolate or something sweet. Start exercising and get sweating! Then drink that water. Get back to good eating habits and start eating grains, some dairy products (low in fats), veggies, fruits, chicken, fish, (some red meats) and low on salt and fats (with the exception of virgin olive oil or Bacel margarine or a tiny bit of real butter.) It will clear up in a couple of months. Just so you won't feel too badly, many sports jocks such as hockey players and football players have terrible complexions because of clogged pores and in-grown hairs as well as sweating and lots of dirt. It wouldn't hurt to go to a drug store and buy some creams and lotions to unclog pores and toners to keep the pours more closed.

2006-07-26 09:28:50
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No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

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Caffeine can cause headaches when the effects of the drug wear off and you begin to "crash". Additionally, if you are a heavy coffee or soda drinking, quitting all caffeine intake has been known to cause some withdrawls including but not limited to headaches.

You were drunk and dont remember?

You had an alcoholic blackout, one of the first indications of developing alcoholism, or else someone slipped you some other drug. Some benzodiazepine drugs can cause blackouts in combination with alcohol (also comas and death). If it was only alcohol, you badly need to evaluate your drinking behavior and consider quitting while you can -- if you can.

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Because after drinking enough, for long enough, changes occur in the brain that cause the person to need to continue drinking in order to maintain some semblance of physical and emotional comfort. As the disease progresses, the moments of comfort become fewer, but the terror of what happens when they stop drinking becomes greater.People stop drinking only when their fear of what it is doing to them becomes greater than their fear of quitting.

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Does drinking cause miscarriages?

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