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Does rabies recur?

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Rabies does not recur, because the first occurence is almost invariably fatal (the number of known survivors of rabies in all of history is in the single digits, and that's despite the best possible medical care). It's a very, very serious disease.
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What is rabies?

Rabies (Latin: rabies , "madness, rage, fury"), a.k.a. hydrophobia is a viral zoonotic . acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in mammals. In non-vaccinated human

What are rabies?

Rabies, or 'hydrophobia', is known as a disease that makes dogs sick and mad. Consequently, all dogs in many northern European countries are vaccinated against it. However, it

How do you get rabies?

Another view The transmission of rabies from a non-bite exposures is rare but it happens. Open wounds, scratches, abrasions, or contact with mucous membranes contaminated wit

How do you not get rabies?

If you mean your pets, you can get vaccinations to prevent it. If you mean avoiding getting it yourself, all I can tell you is to not let an animal with rabies bite or scratch

What does rabies do?

When an animal/human is bitten the saliva carries the rabies virus into the body and it travels down the peripheral nervous system. The rabies virus attaches itself to a healt

Who can get rabies?

Any living mammal is capable of being infected by rabies, including humans. A very small percentage of the human population has been vaccinated to protect against rabies infec

What can have rabies?

Rabies is a virus, so almost any mammal can technically have and/or carry rabies (with the exception of certain species such as opossums, which have too low a body temperature

What do rabies do?

rabies basicly make you crazy and think tht you can fly and stuff.

What does rabies do to you?

It Will Turn You Into Kylee Brown. Then You Will Have To Be Treated But Most Of The Time It Wont Cure It Because Once You Get Kyleephobia You Cant Get Rid Of It. Kyleephobia

What to do if he has rabies?

If any pet has rabies it is important to take them to a veterinarian immediately. Secure the pet in a carrier or kennel and avoid contact with the animals' mouth and saliva -
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How you can get rabies?

You can contract the rabies virus from any mammal, including humans. Once you have contracted rabies your survival rate 0% (Unless you have got your shot) Rabies is a highly
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What is recurence?

Recurrence means happening or taking place again.
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How do you you get rabies?

You can get rabies if you are bitten by a infected mammal. Another mammals can get rabies the same way. To know if your pet has rabies look for a foaming mouth, rabies is norm
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Where do rabies from from?

It comes from animals saliva if they are sick you will get rabiesand get sick from the rabies if you get bit by a rabid animal arabid animal is a animal that is infected with
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Do i have rabies?