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Does raikou hide in grass?

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Were can you catch raikou in Pokemon FireRed?

You catch raikou in vermilion city in the smallest patch of grass

Where would you find a Pokemon legand at in Pokemon silver?

They, like any other animal simply hide in the grass. Entie, Suicune and Raikou. I found all of them in the grass but they all run away. I think you need a master ball. I hope you find this helpful!

How does a tiger hide?

they hide by hiding in tall grass.

Why does a grasshopper like grass?

so they can hide and can hide there eggs.

Where do cheetahs hide from enemies?

They hide in tall grass in the area. At night they can hide in caves.

How do cheetahs hide from enemies?

They use camo to hide in the tall grass.

Do zebras hide in grass?

Yes, they do.

Do jaguars hide in dead grass?

yes they do

Do grass spiders hide in hay?


What do cheetahs use to hide themselves?

They have their spots which help them hide in the tall African grass.

What route can you find Suicune or Raikou in Pokemon Silver?

They can be found on any grass route (not in the kanto)

Why do Grasshoppers live on grass?

grasshopper's live in grass because they camouflage in the grass. they do that because the grasshopper's hide from there prey. :)

Where do frogs or toads hide at night?

They hide in holes. in larng grass holes and under cabins

How do you find raikou in Pokemon Crystal?

you need to go to the town where morty is and look in the grass before entering

In Pokemon HeartGold What can you catch a rikcu in?

you can get raikou in the grass. trust me i am 100% sure [all over johto]

Why do cheetahs live in grassland?

there is tall grass there and it lets the cheetah hide in the grass when it goes hunting animals

How do you find raiku in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Raikou can be found anywhere where grass is the best route would have to be route 1.

Can raikou appear in celure an cave?

No it will appear in the grass anywhere on the routes try route 1 it comes there often.

What are all of the Pokemon in black versin?

Pokemon hide in the grass.

Why does grasshoppers live in long grass?

Because they like to hide

Does grass attract mosquitoes?

Sort of; mosquitoes are not attracted to grass but, they do like it there because it is a good place to hide. even though they don't really need to hide because they are so small.

Where do you find raikou Suicune and entei in Pokemon leafgreen?

You can find them anywhere around the routes of kanto so look in the grass.

Can you catch raikou and enti on Pokemon crystal?

Yes u can Can catch raikou but u can not catch enti

What type of camouflage do tigers use?

they use stripes to hide in the grass

Why are landfills eventually covered with soil dirt and grass?

To hide them from view.