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The rain comes from the clouds which has water in the form of water vapour .These water vapour condenses due to low temperature in the atmosphere and come to earth as rain or in any other way of precipitation

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Q: Does rain fall from the clouds or the sky?
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Does rain fall from the sky or clouds?

rain is the clouds falling

What happens when water vapor in the sky cools and condenses?

It forms clouds in the sky and then, when the clouds are heavy enough, they fall as rain

Where do rain go after falling from the sky?

the rain gets evaporated back into clouds and fall down as rain again

What caused the clouds to collapse?

Clouds don't really collapse but they do 'fall' from the sky as rain. You see clouds are made from water vapour that evaporate from the sea forming clouds and think how do they fall the fall by rain the water vapour creates water droplets and it's too heavy so they fall by rain

Do snow fall from the sky or clouds?

Clouds. But technically it is falling from the sky, from clouds in the sky.

How can you use sky's in a sentence?

If Sky is a person: Juice was spilled all over Sky's shirt. If sky is "the sky": The sky's clouds darkened as rain began to fall.

Does rain fall from cumulonimbus clouds?

yes often heavy rain but rain can fall from different types of clouds

Will it rain if cirrus clouds are in the sky?


Do clouds have to be in the sky for it to rain?

yes they do

How do rain drops form in cold clouds?

How do rain drops fall from the sky.First we would make a puddle with your hoes on a hot summer day in your back or front yard. Then they evaporate.Then the clouds build up until they go koboomo(fall from sky)that how rain drops fall from the sky. BY: Nick Ridgely if you like my answer then like on insteagram

What does a nimbostratus cloud look like?

Nimbostratus clouds look like light grey clouds that cover the entire sky, and cause rain to fall.

Does rain fall from clouds?


What clouds do in the sky?

they cry to bring down rain

How does snow and rain fall from clouds?


What are water droplets that fall out of the clouds?


When does rain fall from clouds?

When air is rising.

Do all the clouds formed in the sky cause rain?

no only the black clouds which is made by the condenstation will give rain

Do clouds condense and fall as rain?

Yes, clouds are basically water.

Can the sky fall?

No. Rain can fall, but not the sky. Or you probably think of meteors/meteorites.

How can it rain when there are no clouds in the sky?

rain rain go away come again another day

Will it rain in Abu Dhabi today?

no it will not rain because when you see the clouds/sky blue and the sun it means it will not rain, but when the clouds get dark that means maybe it will rain.

What causes rain or hail to begin to fall?

rain: the clouds collect eough water from the ocean to the clouds and the clouds get too heavy and have to fall down. hail: the water from the clouds get frozen and turn into snow

What will fall from clouds over the sky in the mountains?


Do clouds run out of rain?

no, clouds do not run out of rain, otherwise we would not have and blue sky, when the clouds have rain it means that the water from the surface of the ground has been evaporated causing the clouds to form. When it rains the clouds empty and disappear.

What type of cloud does heavy rain fall from?

Heavy rain falls from stratus clouds and cumulonimbus clouds can cause steady rain.