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Some do and some don't. Check out this report on many brands of toilet paper.

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Is all recycled toilet paper made from used toilet paper?

Recycled toilet paper is made from used paper. It isn't made from used toilet paper. That would be gross.

What chemicals used to make toilet paper from recycled paper?

The chemical used to make toilet paper from recycled paper is h02 + Co2 --> h04C2 why do you bother about "The chemical used to make toilet paper from recycled paper is h02 + Co2 --> h04C2" oh my god you are weird NERD

What are sparkle paper towels made of?

Recycled toilet paper

How can toilet paper be more eco friendly?

If it was made of recycled paper.

Can toilet paper be recycled?

Yes. Many brands now promote the fact that their toilet paper is 100% recyclable.

What is charmin toilet paper made of?

What country does the recycled paper used to make charmin come from?

What range of paper products uses recycled paper in its toilet rolls?

The amount of recycled paper in toilet paper rolls vary any where from 60 percent to 100 percent depending upon which brand you purchse. Choosing recycled paper products is a smart decision and helps the environment.

What happens to recycled paper?

It depends. The toilet paper is recyled and made into cake wrappers and napkins.

Why doesn't toilet paper contain starch?

It does contain starch

Where does the recycled paper go?

If you mean paper collected for recycling it goes to a paper mill, where it's turned back into paper again, and then shipped out into society once more in the shape of loer-quality paper. Some products, like cardboard and toilet tissue can contain quite a high fraction of recycled paper, while office paper has a higher degree of new material in it.

Can toilet tissue be recycled?

Not if they're dirty. Other than that you can recycle any paper.

Which things are made from recycled paper?

New paper! If you see a paper advertised as 100% post consumers recycled paper, you know it has been made from paper others have recycled. There are also toilet papers, wrapping papers, paper towels, books, coffee cups, newspapers, magazines, tissues, and other things that are now made using recycled paper.

Can you give an example of something made of waste materials?

Recycled toilet paper... lol :D

Does non recycled paper decomposed the fastest or recycled paper if so how?

Recycled paper, because non-recycled has more products in it such as bleach, Chlorine, other elements that contain chlorine are used such as chlorine dioxide, which still produces the carcinogen, dioxin. which is hard to decompose.

What is recycled paper?

Recycled paper is new paper that has been recycled from scrap paper.

Does toilet paper have chemicals in it?

Yes, papers contain additives.

What can paper be recycled into?

toilet paper. tissue .cardboard .newspaper ,construction paper ,cup ,bowls. i reuse my toilet paper many times its very useful , my family doesnt mind sharing eachothers waste on the paper so this comes in very handy

Is it safe for cats to eat SEPTIC SAFE toilet paper?

My cats play with toilet paper. They scratch it, unroll it and roll in it. I can't get them to stop, but they don't eat it. You have a strange CAT. Septic Safe toilet paper is recycled paper with no chemicals. Should be safe to eat as long as it hasn't been used in the toilet or septic tank.

What is steel firstly made of?

Used, recycled toilet paper and rubber condoms melted with your internal juices

What chemicals will dissolve toilet paper?

For the kind of paper that is recycled (cardboard, newspaper, etc.) they use sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acids at the recycling most quality drain cleaners will dissolve toilet paper. Plant.

What products have recyclable materials?

Many items are made with recycled materials. Most of the paper products and cardboard contain at least a portion of recycled material. Plastic items can also contain recycled content and are usually marked.

What are the Ingredients of Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper (also called "bathroom tissue") is made from recycled paper. It starts by many different kinds of paper being mixed together in a solution to remove ink, is then pulvarized, reformed into very thin and soft paper, and then bleached and/or scented.

What is an example of a sentence using the word recycled?

This toilet paper is recycled.The bottles will be recycled so they can be reused instead of thrown away.If everyone recycled then the world would be much cleaner.

How is paper recycled?

paper is recycled through photosynthesis

What was first marketed as Gayetty's medicated paper?

Gayetty's medicated paper was the first commercially produced toilet paper. It was treated with aloe in order to make it a little better to use. This first toilet paper was known to occasionally contain splinters and wasn't as soft as the toilet paper we have now.

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