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white blood cells job

red blood cells carry oxygen

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Q: Does red blood cells protect you by diseases?
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What does a blood cell do?

There are 2 types of blood cells white and red blood cells! 1. White blood cells protect the human from diseases. 2. Red blood cells carries oxygen around your body.

Why does your body need red blood cells and white blood cells?

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells in your body while the white blood cells fight diseases.

What causes the destruction of red blood cells?

There are quite a few causes of the destruction of red blood cells. The destruction of red blood cells can be caused by many diseases.

Why red blood cells are most numerous of the blood cells?

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body while white blood cells only fight off diseases.

Which type of blood cell carries oxygen around the body?

Red blood cells because they are your main source of blood. White blood cells help protect your body from harmful diseases and the flu. Your white blood cells even fight an infection in your body when you have a fever!

Red blood cells fight disease?

The primary function of red blood cells is not actually to fight diseases. Red blood cells transport oxygen to the different parts of the body. The white blood cells are in charge of disease fighting.

What is an abnormal condition of the blood characterized by red blood cells?

There are several diseases that involve red blood cells (RBCs), most are various types of anemia.

What cell helps fight diseases?

red blood cells

What are the differences in red and white blood cells?

white blood cells protect the body from disease while red carry oxygen

What white blood cells play a role in immunity to infection disease?

Blood cells has two sub classes that are red blood cells (RBC) and White blood cells (WBC). Both are they have different work in a body red blood cells are help to clotting and white blood cells are defend your body from diseases. white blood cells are make your immunity power strong to fight with many diseases.

Why is white blood cells different from red blood cells?

white blood cells help fight germs and diseases inside of you. red blood sells are just cool and chill and watch the battle :D

Do all cells work exactly the same?

No there are white blood cells, red blood cells, (and I'm not sure if there are others) and they all have different purposes and jobs. white blood cells protect red blood cells from getting infected. if a red blood cell is infected then the white blood cells get rid of it.

What is white and red blood cells function?

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body and white blood cells are part of the imune system and they defend the body from infectious diseases and foreign material.

What is the differences of red blood cells and white blood cells?

one cell is red and the other is white The red cells carry oxygen whereas the white cells carry antibodies to help fight infections and diseases

How does oxygen get delivered to the body's cells?

Red blood cells carry oxygen and white blood cells protect your body from sickness .

How your bodies defend against diseases?

Well, there is white blood cells that are just like red blood cells but fight diseases and bacteria, and also there is cells that helps the blood clot so the diseases don't spread any further ofcourse there is some people that do not have those cells, and we have the immune system that helps us a lot with diseases and bacteria.

Why are red blood cells different from other cells?

Red blood cells don't function like normal cells. Normal animal cells make up your entire body, but red blood cells have a specific purpose. They bring oxygen to your body through your arteries and veins. White blood cells protect against infection. Red blood cells and white blood cells are called cells, but they are really not the same as animal or plant cells.

What diseases of the red blood cells?

its optional hemophilia or sickle cell anaemia

Four ways that white blood cells are different from red blood cells?

* Red blood cells do not have a nucleus (to save space and allow for higher amounts of haemoglobin), whereas white bloody cells do. * White blood cells protect the body from diseases (either by digesting the 'problem' or by emission of antibodies), whereas red blood cells are simply a means of transporting oxygen and other gases. * Red blood cells tend to have a life span of about 4 months, while white blood cells have a lower life span (which varies between the types of white blood cell). * Red blood cells are smaller than white bloody cells. * Red blood cells have a much higher density within the bloodstream (at 4,000,000-6,000,000 /mm3) than white blood cells (5000-7000 /mm3). ..... I hope this helps :] most of it is probably waffle... (i know i put 5)

What are the functions of red blood cells and white blood cells in the human body?

Red Blood Cells: Transports Oxygen around the body.White Blood Cells: Fighting and prevention of diseases.

Are red blood cells components of the immune system?

to my knowledge, i dont think so. its the white blood cells that help fight diseases

What is red and white cell used for in blood?

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body tissues through blood flow. White blood cells are cells of the immune system and they defend the body against infectious diseases and foreign materials.

Why are cells important in your body?

The white blood cells destroy diseases while the red blood cells carry oxygen through out the body. So all in all the white cells are for you to not get sick often and the red blood cells to get oxygen to your whole body. Thanks!

What is hemolytic disease of the newborn?

This is a condition in which there is abnormal destruction of the red blood cells of the baby. It can be due to blood group incompatibility between mother and baby or due to diseases of red blood cells in the baby.

How does the bone marrow protect us from diseases?

A rather basic answer is that, red blood cells and lymphocytes are produced from the bone marrow. The lymphocytes helps to support the bodies immune system.