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Mulch and TermitesMulch adjacent to the foundation can provide food and moisture needed by termites and other insects.

This should not be a real problem as long as you have a pest control company regularly inspect and spray.

CORRECT ANSWER:Im told that cedar, cypress and redwood much is too hard for termites to eat because its so dense. So the answer is no. AnotherI am not an expert, so this info needs to be confirmed or refuted by one. Hopefully a true expert will improve these answers, and in the meantime these answers will have to be from a lay standpoint.

Over many years I have been told that Redwood and Cedars [same family] are among the softest woods existing, but that does not matter in relation to the question regarding "...termites and other house problems."

It is my understanding that Cedar and Redwood contain a very strong oil [which by the way is what causes the odor of these woods] which acts as a repellent for insects. IF this is true, then rather than causing problems, Cedar and Redwood mulch would be a good thing for your yard and house, as the mulch would repel insects.

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Can termites live in mulch?

Yes termites can live in anyorganic wooden mulch but not cow manure mulch

Do Termites eat landscaping mulch?

no they eat people!

Will mulching your house cause termites?

I know at a branch bank where I worked in the 90's had a termite problem and the company who treated them said they were in the mulch around the building. Now this was a brick building with NO wood against the ground other than the mulch around the plantings next to the building. The termites found a crack in the mortar and/or the brick and did damage to the wood framing inside the walls.

Which is less likely to cause termites pea gravel or mulch?

Both provide a favorable habitat for termites; controlled temperature and moisture retention. I'm not sure which mulch is "less" likely to attract termites. Based on research I've performed on the internet, some say that pea gravel or rock mulch maintains moisture in the soil better than wood mulch, and thus is more attractive to termites. Wood much is better for plants because it eventually breaks down and provides nutrients. If you use pea gravel as a mulch, you need to make sure to choose plants that can handle the added heat because pea gravel will retain heat more than wood mulch. I'm not an expert. I've picked up this info by researching the internet.

What causes termites under the house?

Termites are attracted to areas where moisture accumulates in and around your home, including damp basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms and leaky foundation walls.WoodTermites will eat any kind of wood--mulch, rotting wood, new wood, painted wood and treated wood. They will even eat wallpaper and shelf paper.FoliageUntreated trees, plants and foliage around your home may attract termites. Keep foliage and wood mulch at least 28 inches from your home's foundation to make entry more difficult for termites and other destructive pests.AirStagnant, moist air in your home provides the perfect breeding ground for termites, so keeping the air circulating and dry is essential if you wish to avoid them. Put electric fans in areas that attract moisture, empty flower pots and other pools of standing water, and ventilate areas that remain consistently moist, such as the bathroom, laundry room, attic and basement.RenovationScrap lumber from a home renovation stored near your home may be infested with termites and should be burned to ensure that your home does not become reinfested.EarthIf any portion of your home is in direct contact with the soil or plant material in your yard, you may be giving easy access to termites. Again, keep all foliage, soil and mulching at least 28 inches from your home's foundation.MulchWood mulch is attractive to termites. Use mulch sparingly around the foundation of your home, and be sure to choose mulch types that are less likely to attract pests, such as rubber mulch or treated cedar.-Mrs. Stypayhorlikson xx

Will mulch draw termites?

To give you some background on myself I am a 30 year landscape veteran that went back to school in 2003. I have studied this question in my horticulture classes back in 2003 and as I remember I was told that termites do not eat mulch that termites only ate solid wood and was backed by scientific data. As a good student I agreed and to listen to my teacher because that is what you go to school for and I have always been hungry for knowllage.Recently I done more research on the study to prove my education. The first thing a person has to understand is that termites are are subterane

How do you get compost for your berries in Pokemon pearl?

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What type of wood do termites prefer?

There are a few things that help keep termites alive and in your home - water, cellulose and shelter. Cellulose is what makes up dead wood. Termites "eat" cellulose in order to stay alive, absorbing its nutrients and moisture. When there is no cellulose, they look elsewhere for sources of nutrition. Termites can survive solely on water; however cellulose is the best source of nutrients for their diet. Termites will eat any type of wood, as long as the wood is dead, and most houses have plenty of dead wood for termites to feast on. Stumps, mulch, and other wood debris are a perfect meal for a hungry termite. If termites get into the foundation of a home and into the wooden structure, they can cause severe damage. By: MTS

How can you make free mulch?

If you want completely free mulch, pine needles work good. For a small investment, you can get an inexpensive chipper and grind small branches for mulch. Always use your imagination, their are often solutions around the house.

All day you were shoveling mulch with your familyand the mulch was steaming and moist The next morning you all got really sick like achey everywhere headache chest pain nausious can mulch cause that?

I think you were suffering from unusual activity.

What is 'mulch' in Dutch?

'Bodembedekking' is a Dutch equivalent of 'mulch'.

How many square feet will one cubic yard of mulch cover?

One cubic yard will cover a 324 square-foot area with one inch of mulch. However your mulch should be 2 to 3 inches thick to maintain moisture and prevent weed growth. Be careful not to go to thick or you will cause mold to form in the mulch.

What are small black dots on surfaces of house?

Artillery Fungus? Do you have mulch in the area? Are conditions damp?

Is mulch living?

mulch is living

Rubber Mulch?

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Can you tell me what brand and style of mulch can I purchase that will not fade in a month or two?

Home Depot's house brand has some very good mulch that, if properly maintained, won't fade for several months.

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What is the cost of a yard of mulch?

How do you mean? As in a cubic yard of mulch? Or a backyard topped with mulch. It all depends on what type of Mulch you plan on buying an spreading.

What is the best mulch?

The best mulch is the kind that lasts for 10 years and does not allow weeds to grow through. That mulch is called Roll Out Rubber Mulch.

How do you make mulch?

Mulch can be made from wood or dead plants like cotton. Hardwood mulch is made from deciduous trees. Avoid the red dyed mulch.

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