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Yes, some juices can indeed spoil. Freshly squeezed juices are not good after a few days of being refrigerated. Juices made from concentrates do last a little longer.

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What happens if orange juice is not refrigerated?

Unless it is a shelf stable product, it will ferment and spoil.

Can soup spoil if not refrigerated?

Yes. Soup can spoil if not refrigerated after making it.

Why must Nestle strawberry syrup be refrigerated?

Because it contains REAL STRAWBERRIES, not imitation flavor. Therefore, it must be refrigerated after opening to preserve freshness. Also, because there is real fruit and fruit juice, it should be thrown out after a couple weeks, or becomes very thick, dark colored or appears caramel'ish in consistency. If left out, the fruit will spoil within it.

Does apple juice spoil if left unrefrigerated?

If it hasn't been opened yet than it doesnt need to be refrigerated

Can feta cheese spoil?

Yes, if not refrigerated it will spoil.

What are the best foods to pack in a school lunch?

Fruit is best. Pack bananas and apples, any fruit really. It will stay good and not spoil if not refrigerated.

Does salmon spoil if it's refrigerated in lemon juice for 24 hours?

No, that is the proper method for marinating fish. You need to keep fresh fish refrigerated until you are ready to cook it.

Can refrigerated bacon spoil?

Yes. Refrigerated bacon can spoil. Refrigeration only slows the growth of microbes - It does not stop them.

Why should meat be refrigerated?

Meat will spoil and can grow pathogens if it is not refrigerated.

Does lemon juice spoil?

Yes, if you do not keep it refrigerated it after opening it, it goes bad. Bad lemon juice has an odd smell, and it tastes less citrusy, rather like flattened soda.

Can bean spoil if they are left out?

Cooked bean will spoil faster if left out. They will spoil eventually even if refrigerated.

Does fruit punch spoil?

Yes, fruit punch can spoil if there is real fruit in it. Fruit can mold and rot.

Do tomatoes spoil quicker if not refrigerated?

Yes, they do.

Can the fruit kiwi spoil?

every fruit will spoil. even coconuts.

Does fish have to be refrigerated?

Yes, or it will spoil very quickly.

How to vendors ensure that edible fruit gifts don't spoil during shipping?

The vehicle that the fruits are delivered in are refrigerated, thus, preserving the texture and composition of the fruits.

Should chambord be refrigerated?

No, Chambord is a liqueur, so even after the bottle is opened it does not need to refrigerated. Liqueur does not spoil.

Storage of fresh juice?

Fresh juice should be refrigerated.

When does prune juice spoil?

Prune juice that has been continuously refrigerated will keep for about 7 to 10 days after opening. To further extend the shelf life of opened prune juice, freeze it: to freeze prune juice, store in airtight container and leave at least 1/2 inch headspace at the top, as juice will expand when frozen.

Why does refrigerated food take longer to spoil?

Refrigerated food takes longer to spoil because the cold slows down the decaying process. It also stops fungi and mold from growing quickly.

Can a ham bone spoil?

The bone itself can not spoil but the marrow inside the bone will spoil. Keep the bone refrigerated until you use it. Any meat on the bone could also spoil.

Does aloe vera juice spoil?


Why is it important to store fresh cream in the fridge?

It should be refrigerated so that it doesn't spoil so fast as when it isn't refrigerated.

How long does it take refrigerated turkey to spoil?

about 4-5 days

How long does it take for refrigerated green chili to spoil?

1 week

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