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Mutualism The Rhizobium bacteria is a nitrogen fixating bacteria, helping the growth of Soybean plants, as well as other legume plants.

The rhizobium and soybean have a symbiotic relationship in which the rhizobium's root nodule is full of bacteria that helps convert the nitrogen from the air into an assimilable nutrient for the soybean, and in turn the rhizobium feeds from the sugar and nutrients that circulate in the soybean's roots. All plants in the legume family such as soybean, pea, alfalfa have such a nitrogen fixation role in crop rotations thanks to the rhizobium.

Forms root nodules and provides nitrates to plants .

Rhizobium radicicola is a moneran that helps plants use Clusters of red pigments on euglenas that helps the organism find sunlight

rhizobium helps in fixing atmospheric nitrogen into the plant which is an integral component of proteins

it helps the plants grow n gives them good nutrients

Rhizobium are a type of soil bacteria that fix nitrogen in the soil by taking the nitrogen from the atmosphere and making it into simple compounds and making it easier for the plants to use it.They establish themselves into the roots of plants.these types of plants are called Leguminous plants.

Rhizobium are the bacterial speicies which show symbioitic relation ship with plants by fixing nitrogen for them They are found in root nodules of legumenous plants and the nodules having rhizobium generally appear reddish pink in color due to presence of leghaemoglobin pigment this word is not an English word it is Italiano

A disease which infects soybean plants

it is used to fix nitrogen in the the soil for the plants

Nitrogen fixing Rhizobium bacteria.

They are located in the roots of Plants, contained within Nodules.

No, soybeans grow in plants from the ground, not trees.

angiosperm since it has flowers

High levels of ozone damaged the soybean plants, decreasing the average yield.

bacteria rhizobium fixes atmospheric nitrogen into air which plants can breathe.

Soybean and sugarcane are used for Biofuel

Yes, because they "fix" nitrogen in the soil converting the unusable N2 to Ammonina, which the plants can use

The soybean plants add materials to soil that the corn plants need in order to grow well

Yes, they are small and light pink to white in color.

Nitrogen is present in the largest amount in the atmosphere - in the gaseous form. So , it is impossible for organisms to take in nitrogen . As it is less reactive, it doesn't react in the gaseous form so it has to be converted to useable form....Rhizobium is a type of useful bacteria that helps in converting gaseous nitrogen to useable form, and then it releases it into the soil. Plants tale these and produce proteins. Animals eat plants and we eat both . This is how Rhizobium is helpful.

The wonderful leguminous process of Nitrogen Fixation; N2 from the atmosphere is changed into the NO2 and NO3 forms that plants can use.

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