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who knows who cares

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Does rouge love shadow or kuckels?

shadow love rouge yes,but knux is love tikal no rouge this is a true!!!!!!!! Rouge is in love with Knuckles. It was revealed in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. And Shadow loves no one. rouge loves knuckles cause she always flared with him in sonic x

Do shadow and rouge love each other?

Nope. There is more chemistry between Rouge and Knuckles than Shadow and her.

Who is rouge the bat crushing on?

The answer is Knuckles the Enchilada, but she likes Shadow the most because she is always with him. She had a crush on Knuckles but since he wasn't paying attention to her, she is now in love with Shadow. Rouge used to have a crush on Knuckles, but now it is said that she likes both knuckles AND Shadow. P.s. Shadow does not like Amy or Takil. Rouge the bat loves Knuckles, and Knuckles loves Rouge back. In the one episode of Sonic, Knuckles is blushing when Rouge is next to him.

Does Rouge like Knuckles or Shadow?

SEGA confirmed that Rouge likes Knuckles. As for Shadow: there is nothing official between him and Rouge.

Why does Rouge like Knuckles and not Shadow?

Because SEGA officialy accepted relationship between Knuckles and Rouge.

Is Rouge the Bat in love with Shadow the Hedgehog?

As of yet, Rouge has not been stated to have feelings for any character with the exception of her crush on Knuckles.

Does Rouge the Bat like Knuckles or Shadow?

According to the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Official Game Guide, Rouge has a crush on both Knuckles and Shadow. Although Rouge was created to be a rival and an implied crush to Knuckles, in more recent games, Rouge seems to be having more screentime with Shadow, whilst time with Knuckles has decreased.

Does rouge have an interest for shadow?

No. Even though she flirts around with him doesn't mean she loves/likes him. Once in her description it said "Rouge has a crush on KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA" or I think it was "Rouge only love interest is KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA" Rouge only sees Shadow as a brother... a brother she never had and knuxouge sucks! SHADOUGE! :)

Who do rouge the bat like?

It is said she likes both Knuckles AND Shadow but mostly knuckles

Do rouge the bat is daitting someone?

No. But she does like Knuckles and Shadow.

Who does Rouge the Bat love besides Shadow and Knuckles?

A Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 game guide says Rouge has feelings for both Shadow and Knuckles, and nobody else was mentioned. She does not love Tails as she only kissed him on the cheek in Sonic X to lure him into doing something for her. Rouge is also known to flirt with many males in the Sonic series as of her flirtatious nature.

Is rouge the bat lesbian?

NO WAY. She is totally in love with Knuckles the Echidna! If you don't believe me, check out Sonic X when Rouge FLIRTS with Knuckles. Or if you think she's in love with Shadow the Hedgehog go ahead and think that... BUT SHE IS NOT A LESBIAN. YOU HAVE NO PROOF SO HA.

Does ruoge like shadow the hedgehog?

It was confirmed that Rouge likes both Shadow and Knuckles.

Are Knuckles and Rogue in love?

No they aren't, mostly Knuckles and Rouge are seen as enemies. Rouge does in fact have a crush on Knuckles but Knuckles has doesn't have the same feelings for Rouge, Rouge says that he's cute when he's angry but Knuckles feels disgusted over that.

Why does rouge like knuckles?

It is uncertain whether Rouge actually likes Knuckles or Shadow. Even though Rouge was created to be a romantic partner for Knuckles, SEGA has been shown to have mixed interests about this idea. If Rouge does indeed like Knuckles, it is probably because of Knuckles' determination to protect the master emerald.

Do knuckles and rouge love each other?

Rouge likes Knuckles but Knuckles doesn't really like Rouge much, he thinks she is pretty annoying cause she hangs around Knuckles so much

Does knuckles love rouge or sonia?

Okay, Knuckles loves Rouge. Not only did SEGA confirm it, but Sonia won't be incorporated in anymore Sonic games. Rouge is a major character and will be reincorporated. So yes, Knuckles and Rouge do love each other.

Does rouge have a crush on knuckles or shadow?

No! She only have crush on one boy is kunckles not shadow. Shadow, she just see as brother figure not as boyfriend. Sega did confirme that in the franchise.

Will Knuckles fall in love with Rouge?

Nothing has been released confirming or denying Knuckles' feelings towards Rouge.

Who does Knuckles the ecidna like?

rouge the bat couple name knuxouge timeline shadow silver knuckles

Does Knuckles love Rouge?

he does not love rouge the bat rouge likes him and flirts with him but also knuckles is already married and has a daughter so i dont think he likes rouge

Will Knuckles and Rouge be a couple?

Possibly they will, but I think Shadow and Rouge will be a better couple (I am not starting a riot! This is my opinion!)

Does Shadow the Hedgehog love Rouge the Bat?

No, Shadow doesn't love Rouge.

Why is Shadouge more popular when Knouge makes more sense?

When Rouge is around Knuckles,Knuckles gets annoyed.But when Rouge is around SHADOW,He doesn't mind.But sometimes,Shadow gets a little annoyed. One of the main reasons could be that in the videogames the relationship between Knuckles and Rouge hardly consists on love interest, it mainly consists in rivalry. On the other hand, the relationship between Shadow and Rouge consists in something more than just friendship or partnership. Also, there is a lot of sexual tension between Shadow and Rouge (ex. Sonic Battle and Sonic Rivals) while Knuckles and Rouge don't even have that much interaction and they don't seem to be so interested in each other.

Why do Shadouge fans support the couple even when Shadow is dead and all signs leads for Rouge to be with Knuckles?

Shadow is not dead anymore (for some reason), and Sega isn't really focusing on Knuckles and Rouge at the moment. :(

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