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Human Anatomy and Physiology

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How many pulses are counted for each human heartbeat

What type of muscles move food through the digestive system

To what structure in females is the vas deferens similar in function

What monitors the pH levels in the blood

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Human Anatomy and Physiology

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How many pulses are counted for each human heartbeat

Are the kidneys part of the circulatory system

What is the clear body fluid that bathes the cells and transports lymphocytes

What type of muscle is called striated muscle

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Q: Does running affect your blood pressure on the day you run. My blood pressure is always too low to donate blood. Is better to try to donate after a run or on a day that I don’t go for a run?
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What is the relationship between air pressure and wind?

Air always goes to high pressure to low pressure which creates wind. Get it? no i dont maybe you should explain it better. yeah expla8n it better

Are tornadoes better in high air pressure or low air pressure?

Tornadoes are always part of a low pressure system and do not form in high pressure.

How affect lemon juice on broccoli?

make it always better taste

Why are the Mizuno Wave Rider 12 running shoes better than others?

The reason why they are better than most shoes is because Mizuno is an upper end brand of running shoes and they have better support. But you always want the shoes that feel the best.

Does the air pressure affect the volley ball?

YEs the air pressure afects the ball because the more air makes the serve a lot better

Does the temperature affect how high or low a basketball can bounce?

Yes, temperature affects the pressure of the air and when the pressure outside the ball is lower, the pressure inside will be greater, thus making it bounce better.

Why choose Adidas over competitors such as Nike?

Preference of running shoes is always a personal opinion. Some people may like the feel or fit of Adidas running shoes better then Nike running shoes.

Can I get a good quality Barefoot running shoe online?

It is better to buy Barefoot running shoes in store as you can always have a proper sized shoes with good warranty. Moreover, you can always change it if you experience any defect, which is not possible in online shopping.

What effect does running have on you life?

Makes your cardio (heart) better. Lower you risk of high blood pressure. Keeps you in shape. Gives great calf muscles.

How do you become better at running when not running?

The only way to get better at running is by running. If you're injured or unable to run for other reasons, you can maintain decent fitness and leg strength through cycling, swimming, stair-climbing, etc. However, many of these exercises build leg muscles that are not used as much in running. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but obviously it won't make you a better runner. Want to become the best runne you can be? Run more miles. Big miles is always the key to faster running.

Is walking better for you than running?

Yes walking is better for you than running

Where can I buy Mizuno Wave Rider online?

Your safest option is always to buy from the brand name itself. You have better return possibilities and a better warranty opportunity. Check out

Is running on a treadmill better or worse than running on pavement for your knees?

It is better than running on pavement for your joints and knees.

Can i leave pump running with cover on?

Yes. The more the pumps are on, the better. Circulation in pools is always good whether its the jets, swimmers, or brushing.

Is running away good?

No, it only leads to worse things. Staying and facing your problems, and finding a good way to solve them is always better.

How does air temperature and air pressure affect your flexibility?

the temperature of a basketball effects it's bounce because the air partacles in the ball slow down causing it to lose pressure and it doesn't bounce as well. if a ball has more pressure it bounces better.

Does caffeine affect the blood pressure of adults?

most definitely. Caffeine is a stimulant and it raises blood pressure. Then later you crash. People with high blood pressure should only have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and that is it! None would even be better.

Is running on treadmill better than running on the roads?

In terms of preventing injury, running on a treadmill is better. Road running has a tendency to destroy a lot of peoples knees which causes them to never be able to run again. Running on a treadmill would be better for training if that is available to you.

What knee injuries can aspire from running?

It is possible that running could cause issues with your knee. Running tends to put a lot of pressure on the knee joints, therefore it could cause more damage to your bad knee. It may be better to peruse a different sport, such as biking, that relies less on your knees.

Is barefoot running or running with shoes better?

Barefoot running does expose your foot to small objects in your running path. Unlike running with shoes your feet will reflexively change the pressure and stride to avoid injury to your feet. Over time your soles of your feet will become accustomed to the extra friction and will strengthen. It has been clamed running with shoes causes your running stride to become abnornal and your soles of your feet will become softer.

Should a girl do jogging or not?

Of course! Jogging (or running) is a great exercise, girl or guy! Just always listen to your body and don't over-do it. At the same time remember that the more you push yourself, the better you'll get. Happy running!

How do you become better at long distance running?

probably by running

Why do people hate the Xbox 360?

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Is it better to use safety pins or double sided tape to secure a running number?

Safety pins are better to use for your bib because getting soaked in sweat may affect the adhesive on the tape resulting in possibly loosing your number.