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Does running the ac in extreme hot weather cause engine to overheat?


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If coolant is up to proper level and cooling fans are working - should not overheat


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The engine will overheat and the pistons will seize.

Be sure the cooling fans are functioning when the ac is running.

Clutch slippage can cause an engine to overheat by running the engine at higher rpm's than what it is recommended for the motor. Excessive heat in the engine can cause the head gaskets to leak building up heat in the motor. There are inexpensive kits to test whether your headgasket is leaking or not.

There is a warning light which flashes when the engine begins to overheat.

as it works or moves it gets hot and eventually over heats. think of it as a human running the person eventually gets hot

Is it low on tranny oil, or you might have a bad oil cooler, or is your engine running very hot.

The answer will depend on what engine it is and what it is being required to do.

Vehicle may overheat (low coolant) Engine may freeze in cold weather (protection from freezing not adequate)

IT means the engine is running lean. More Air than gas. And you need to be careful as it can cause t engine to overheat if the condition is sever enough.

It can if it is leaking coolant into engine or out side of engine.

The car's engine will soon overheat without some kind of fluid in the radiator. I'm taking off my coat before I overheat.

generally if an engine overheats, but then does not overheat when heater is turned on, is a good indication that the engine thermostat is stuck and needs replacing

Having a leak in a radiator hose will have no effect on the engine running or not. However, in time the hose leak will cause the level of the coolant in the radiator to drop below a critical level and the engine will overheat.

If you allow the engine to overheat severally, yes.

I wanted to know why the truck did not overheat. Running on I95 for 65 miles at approx 60 mph. As long as the water pump is being powered by another belt it will not overheat. The alternator belt drives the alternator which keeps the battery charged and nothing else. Eventually the battery will loose all it's charge and the engine will stop running but a broken alternator belt will not cause it to overheat unless that same belt is driving the water pump. What if the belt is driving the water pump. If the belt that broke is driving the water pump the engine will overheat eventualy. Do you know what the shut down temperature is?

A bad water pump or thermostat can cause an engine to overheat. A plugged (clogged) radiator or heater core may also cause an engine to overheat.

Yes. There could be several reasons for engine to overheat.

Beacuse its so hot, it will overheat if the radiator fan doesn't run after the engine is turned off. It usually will stop itself after 5 mins.

You probably don't. The water pump is what circulates coolant through the engine block and the cooling system. The engine will soon overheat if the pump is not functioning. This is a bad thing ~

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