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Scooter insurance does not cover more than motorcycle insurance. Essentially motorcycle insurance is scooter insurance and in general, is insurance coverage for 2-wheel vehicles.

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2011-07-19 23:14:39
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Q: Does scooter insurance cover more than motorcycle insurance?
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You have no motorcycle license and you had an accident on the motorcycle will your insurance pay?

You can't claim insurance pay if you got accident instead of your license.

Can you get motorcycle insurance on a motorcycle that is not registered to you?

Yes, if you plan to ride it. Most State laws require the rider to also obtain the Insurance. For more information and resources on Motorcycle Insurance, check out

What insurance companies carry motorcycle insurance in MA?

There are 5 Big Players. Here's a good BLog to help you Save money on Motorcycle Insurance: For more information and resources on Motorcycle Insurance, check out

Does the AMI Insurance Company cover more than just auto and home insurance?

AMI Insurance Company has many different types of insurance. In addition to auto and home policies, you can also get farm, lifestyle, motorcycle, contents, boat, and trailer insurance.

Is scooter insurance more for teenagers?

Scooter insurance in not just for teenagers, but for good drivers of all ages. Most states now require that you have your scooter insured. this is not just to protect other drivers from you, but to protect you from other drivers!

Can you drive a scooter with a car license?

If you live in California and your scooter is 50ccs or less, no license is required. If your scooter is more than 50cc's you need a motorcycle license. Check with your local DMV for more details on how to obtain your scooter license. stonemkr reverse painting on glass.

Why do scooter tires puncture more than motorcycle tires?

Motorcycles go faster so there is more danger involved.

Which company in Chicago offers motorcycle insurance?

In Chicago these companies offer Motorcycle insurance: Urban Insurance Agency, All Star Chicago Insurance Agency, State Farm, United Auto Insurance, and many more.

What is better a scooter or motorcycle?

Depends what your planning to do if its just around town go scooter but if you are thinking some long rides go w a nice standard bike A motorcycle is definetly beter because it is faster and has more equipment, but then again it depends if the scooter is rare,unique,etc then i would rather go with the scooter anyday

Where can a person get more information on AAA motorcycle insurance?

For more information about AAA motorcycle insurance, you can either access their website online or you can visit one of the many AAA offices in your area.

Does Motorcycle Insurance require you to have it registered with the titled owner since I'm a high risk i was wondering if i could buy a motorcycle and get the insurance under my dad?

It all depends how much you plan to ride the bike. Most State laws require the rider to obtain the Insurance. For more information and resources on Motorcycle Insurance, check out

How can I get a mobility scooter for free?

The best way to aquire a mobility scooter is to talk to the companies that sell them, or make them. They would be more aware of what needs to be done to talk to your insurance, as opposed to talking to your insurance yourself.

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