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Yes you can get stretch marks on the breast, butt, thighs, etc. but you can easily remove by cocoa or pure olive oil. And try not to scratch you can create stretch marks.

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Q: Does scratching cause stretch marks on place such as thighs calves etc?
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Does pointe cause your thighs and calves to thicken?

Not thicken, but you will get lovely long muscles on your thighs and calves. THis gives you a toned look, not a fat one if that is what you mean.

What would cause striae on the thighs that are much larger than the arms or calves?

Having stretchmark's, or striae, on the thighs that are much larger than the arms or calves is most likely caused by excessive exercise.

Are stretch mark embarrassing?

Yes, stretch marks can be embarrassing especially if it is obvious to others. Places like the middle of the chest, thighs, back and breasts can cause a great deal of distress especially to women.

Are legs exercises important?

YES very cause if you dont you could get cellulite it is when the skin looks like it has rows of fat collectng on your thighs and you could start to get stretch marks

Can scratching cause swollen lips?

Scratching can indeed cause swollen lips. This is likely because there is a great irritation that is not normally there.

Why do you get Cramping in thighs and calves?

Dehydration, doctors say this can cause muscle spasms as the muscles get dry and tighten together. Also, not stretching can also cause the muscles to become tight together... so stretch it out as soon as it happens, put your leg out and lean forward on it, to stretch out your thigh, then drink some water or any liquids at best, like juice or soda or water, any you might want or have! :D and the final cause of leg cramps is over exercising. This can cause muscles to droop inside a bit, and hurt, but i don't know exactly how that works, but ill figure it out. I just found this out yesterday and wanted to answer peoples' questions. On this matter. Hey I'm 12 i am still learning!

What might cause scratching?

crabs and stingy nettles

Does scratching your scalp breaks off hair?

Yes scratching can pull out hair from the root or cause hair breakage.

Why do guys like thighs?

cause they do. For example that is like saying, what did one farmer say to the other farmer... Answer....-We're farmers. chicken thighs??,, there are several types of thighs......

Is it usual to have stretch marks at the top of your thighs at 15?

Stretch marks are indications that means your muscle at any part of body is stretched. In woman it can be due to pregnancy. It's common in any age to have stretch marks. 15 is not too young a age. To get rid

Can gas cause pain in thighs?

No. Gas pains only cause stomach cramps.