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The Sea horses predators are humans at fish that eat all under water creatures

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What are the enemies of seahorses?

no one knows who the seahorses enemies are !

What are seahorses enemies?

a seahorse enemies are grabs.

What is seahorses enemies?

star fish

Do seahores have enemies?

yes seahorses have enemies one of the enmies are the striped anglerfish

Who or what are seahorses enemies?

sharks because they eat fish

How do seahorses hide from enemies?

they have bony plates as skin and can camaflage into plants

What are seahorses natural enemies?

octopus,squid,eels,triggerfish, and sea ananomes

What are seahorses adaptations for survival?

One of the seahorses main adaptations for survival is their ability to change color. They change color to blend into their surroundings so enemies cannot find them.

What are the enemies of the tiger tail seahorse?

Overfishing by men is the main reason that tiger tail seahorses are endangered.

Are seahorses hermaphrodites?

There are male seahorses and female seahorses.

What is a seahorses enemy?

The enemies of a seahorse would it its predators. These animals include penguins, stingrays, crabs and tuna, as well as other types of fish.

Do seahorses migrate?

No. Seahorses do not migrate.

Does seahorses have gills?

Seahorses have gills

Why are seahorses extinct?

Seahorses are not extinct.

Do seahorses have fins?

Yes seahorses have fins.

Do seahorses migrate if they do how far?

Seahorses do not migrate.

Why do seahorses lay eggs?

Seahorses are not mammals.

What are the activities of a seahorses?

What is a seahorses daily activities?

How can you protect seahorses?

Keep the Seahorses in water.

Does seahorses migration?

Yes! Seahorses migrate!

What marine life is in Bonaire?

Seahorses Seahorses

When was The Seahorses created?

The Seahorses was created in 1996.

When did The Seahorses end?

The Seahorses ended in 1999.

Are seahorses a type of a mammal?

Seahorses are fish,

What habitat do seahorses have?

Seahorses live in the sea.

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