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It depends on the medication but strokes, blod clots, increased or decreased heart rate and increased or decreased blood pressure can be side offects of some medications. Yes, but it depends on the medication. For example, if one smokes while taking Birth Control pills, there is an increased risk of Breast cancer. In general, nicotine raises blood pressure, heart rate, and negatively impacts the immune system. Consult your pharmacist for a more definitive answer. The chemicals in tobacco smoke make a group of enzymes in your liver more active than in a non-smoker. (cytochrome p450 1A2 for anybody that's interested). Smoking affects literally, EVERYTHING. Some drugs are broken down by these enzymes. Therefore, smoking whilst taking these medications reduces the amount of drug in the blood. There are several drugs which fall into this group, however there are very few which would have the way they worked altered. Notable examples include clozapine (for schizophrenia) and theophylline (for Asthma / COPD).

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Q: Does smoking affect medication
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