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I have done some reading recently on smoking because I have smoked for 18 years and hate it. From what I have been able to find out nicotine is actually an appetite suppressant and metabolism stimulant. However, it is not enough of one to justify starting such a nasty and deadly habit. People will often gain weight after they quit, in part because of no longer taking in nicotine, but more so because they feel a strong urge to do something with their hands and mouth to replace the act of smoking. If you do smoke or are thinking of starting, your going to sabotage your weight loss because the more you smoke the worse your lungs get, so as far as exercising goes your screwing yourself! Trust me, I've gotten to the point where talking on the phone and walking around the house at the same time leaves me out of breath!

Smoking itself doesn't make you lose weight, it's that you lose your appetite and don't eat as much. it depends on what kind of drug it is

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Q: Does smoking cause you to not lose weight?
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Does smoking affect weight gain?

Smoking tends to suppress appetites and cause you to lose weight.

How can smoking weed cause you to lose weight?

It's possible, but since most people get the "muchies" from smoking weed, you'd probably gain weight instead of lose it.

Do you lose weight by smoking?

You may lose weight while smoking because instead of eating your smoking. But as soon as you quit smoking, you will gain even more weight, very quickly.So you can't rely on smoking.

How fast can you lose weight from smoking marijuana?

You don't lose weight from smoking marijuana. You gain weight because you get the munchies when high, and eat a lot.

Can smoking help you lose weight?

by smoking in general as well as eating normally dose not make you lose weight but smoking stops the appetite so you don't feel as hungry so you don't eat as much therefore yes you will lose weight.

What drugs cause weight loss?

Smoking tobacco and marijuana have been prove to make a smoker lose their apatite

Does smoking cigarettes cause weight loss?

It's unclear whether starting smoking actually helps a nonsmoker to lose weight. However, quitting smoking DEFINITELY causes weight gain. So if your plan is to somehow start smoking, lose weight, and then quit (assuming you are able to do so), this is NOT a good weight loss tactic. Especially when you consider that the risks of smoking are FAR greater than the risks of carrying around a few extra pounds (or even alot of extra pounds). Furthermore, smoking reduces your ability to exercise, which is VERY important when it comes to losing weight and keeping the weight off.

Does smoking make you lose or gain weight?

Smoking does not make you lose or gain weight. People have atendency to gain weight when they try to quit smoking because they feel they have a need to put some thing in their mouths. No cigarette = put comfort food in mouth = gain of weight.

Does smoking make a woman lose weight?

If you smoke rather that eat when you are emotional it does. But smoking kills.

How do you lose weight after you quit smoking?

I recently quit smoking and was able to keep the weight off by walking briskly and reducing my intake of carbs.

Does smoking cause weight loss or put on weight?

It Puts wait on you!

Do you lose weight if you stop smoking?

You are more likely to gain weight by substituting food for nicotine.

Does smoking help lose weight?

smoking does not help you loss weight but when you stop smoking you usually gain 15 poundsdo not smoke

Does smoking cause weight gain?

smoking cant make you gain weight but it can give you a short life so you should quit

Does smoking affect weight control?

yea. Smoking affects your weight control by making you lose your appetite every time you smoke. It can make you lose weight, but it could also go vice versa (right?). Improve it if it's wrong.

Does smoking crack cocaine you lose weight?

yea you can lose weight be but it really bad fo yu grammer. keep on shmokin, just dont reproduce, OK?

How does juicing cause weight loss?

Juicing does not make you lose weight.

what would cause a person to lose weight rapidly?

There are many things that may cause a person to lose weight rapidly. Certain diseases such as cancer may have this effect. Extreme dieting will cause rapid weight loss as well.

Does 'hookah' smoking cause weight loss?

it makes u want to eat if u dont eat after you smoke hookah you will lose weight. so it depends on ur appetite and if you have a meal after or dont but if u do ull be fine

When you are on a 2400 calories how many calories do you need to burn to lose weight?

Any calorie deficit will cause you to lose weight.

Does Coke make you lose weight?

Cocaine does not in of itself cause you to lose weight, however it is an incredibly strong appetite suppressant.

Does laughing cause weight loss?

Yes! it does make you lose weight

Can smoking cause birth defects?

Smoking is know to cause premature birth, low birth weight, and premature rupture of membranes, but can possibly cause more serious birth defects.

How Does smoking affect weight loss?

Smoking does it affect weight loss, when smoking you produce more stress when it seems that you might be losing stress...your not!.. with the stress, it affects your body, you don't have enough breath and air that it HURTS when you exercise, you lose breathe instantly, smoking affects your lungs and your lungs are a big part of exercising and weight loss, you need air to lose weight basically...if your smart, you should know....................Smoking Kills![say no to the SMOKE!!]Smoking

Can chocolate cause weight loss?

No, under normal circumstances, chocolate does not 'make' you lose weight. It might, however, cause you to gain weight.