Does smoking effect vericose veins?

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Smoking degrades the entire cardiovascular system, including the veins in the legs.
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Has anyone ever had pain in their legs around the knees and ankles and all of a sudden vericose veins appear almost overnight in early pregnancy?

Answer . \nI am pregnant as well and found this information online, hope it helps! I would ask your doctor about it just to be safe though.\nMany women first develop varicose veins or find that they get worse during pregnancy. As your uterus grows, it puts pressure on the large vein on the right ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of smoking?

The effects of smoking are: You have a shorter life span, andyou if you have kids, they are at great risk as well. You childrenwill suffer from second-hand smoke and in their life, they are morelikely to smoke because of the influence of what you have done whenthey were young. . It is said that s ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of smoking weed?

It depends on the person. You might feel a sharp headache for a few seconds at the beginning, though many don't. Your pupils will dilate, and things will appear brighter. That is why users may wear sunglasses or sit in the dark. Then you may feel a feeling much like alcohol intoxication, though it m ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of smoking on amoxicillin?

The effect of smoking while taking amoxicillin is a reduced effectof the antibiotics. Due to reduced effect of the drug, one willhave prolonged healing period.

How does smoking effect the body?

Smoking has many negative effects on the body, inside and out. Itdiscolors the fingers and nails, contributes to bad breath, dulland tired looking skin. Smoking turns the lungs black and can causecancer and heart disease.

What effect would smoking have on your bodies?

Smoking can have a very bad affect on your body. You will get yellow teeth the high risk if mouth cancer, lung cancer, also as you constantly smoke over the years your ability to get an erection will slip away

Effects of smoking pot?

not sure but id like to know. Actually itz kills brain cells, increases the chance of lung cancer, yellow teeth, bad smell and itz illegal

How smoking effects your fetus?

Smoking tobacco causes highers chance of miscarriage up to 3 months and also low birth weight.

What effect does smoking have on tooth extraction?

The only effect that smoking has on tooth extraction is afterwards.If you smoke or suck on a straw, you could end up with a dry socketwhich is very painful and hard to treat.

Positive effects of smoking?

The only thing that has been consistently linked as a "benefit" of smoking is lower rates of prostate cancer (men). However, this is due to nicotine and not the cigarettes themselves.

How does smoking effect animals?

We can't really do much about this. The only way to stop them from harming the environment is to stop buying their products.Ciagarettes do't only affect humans they can also affect animals. When cigarette butts wind up in the water, small animals and waterfowl mistake them food. This often causes th ( Full Answer )

What are the economic effects of smoking?

Economically, revenue from cigarette tax is an important source of monies for every state. You can read more about 'sin taxes' and their impact on local and state coffers, below.

What is the effect of smoke?

one of the afects is lung cancer yellow hands and teth smelly cloths thts all i know!

What is good for vericose vein pain?

Aching from varicose veins is caused by the blood pooling in the bottom of your calves due to the incompetent venous valves. It is helpful to lie down and elevate your legs to assist the blood to drain out. You can also wear compression stockings. Ultimately though, the varicose veins will prob ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of smokeing?

I'm guessing you mean the bad ones...cause there aren't many good ones. 1. Wrinkles, leathery skin...making you look years older than you really are. Once you reached that point there is no turning back. 2. High risk for mouth cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and extremely bad breath. 3. Hi ( Full Answer )

What is the treatment for vericose veins?

Some people are born with weak valves in their veins. Others develop weakened valves by blood collecting in their legs by long hours of standing. The blood does not flow to the heart easily because of these weakened valves. The veins stretch; become swollen with blood and knotted. Such veins are cal ( Full Answer )

Does cigarette smoke really affect your veins?

Smoking affects your circulation. The cilia that move cells through blood in your body are damaged. Blood vessels are damaged. Your heart beats faster and your blood pressure goes up.

Long term effects of smoking?

Lung disease such as Emphysema and lung cancer. Coronary Artery disease, stroke, and heart disease. Think that about covers it. No, you forgot death.

Does smoking effect your peak flow?

smoking affcets the peak flow reading, as the lung performance is affcetd by the high level of mucus on the lungs and airways, when breathing.

What are the effects of smoking on society?

Medical resources are diverted from other purposes to treat tobacco-related conditions. Occasional fires happen as a result of careless handling of burning cigarettes. Tobacco in the economy has both good and bad results for different people. Those who grow tobacco, or manufacture or sell cigarettes ( Full Answer )

What are effect of smoking in to people?

smoking can cause you to have cancer. cancer can develop anywhere on an human body. if you are having an baby and you are smoking that is bad because not only your effecting you. you are effecting your child. the baby can be born with missing toes or feet.

What are the health effects of smoking tobacco?

lung cancer . cancer in the throat, bladder, pancreas, & kidneys . cancer in your lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, & the top &bottom of your mouth . chronic bronchitis . heart disease . stroke . wheezing . frequent colds . bleeding gums . mouth sores

Is smoking bad for varicose veins?

Yes, smoking restricts the blood vessels, oxygen has troublegetting to your legs and the condition worsens you could haveyellow teeth and you can also have very bad breath and just allkind of stuff

What are the side effects of smoking k2?

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world it is impossible to smoke a mountain! However is you mean the synthetic drug K2, the this is supposed to cause psychosis.

How does smoking effect physical fitness?

some of the chemicals you inhale after smoking block and narrow your blood vessels and air routes causing less blood to reach you muscle tissue and less oxygen reaching your lungs and brain making it hard to take part in physical fitness especially jogging or running

How does smoking have an effect on lungs?

I assume you're talking about marijuana because of the category. Here is the basic idea: the cheaper it is, the more random crap can be found in the marijuana. In fact, a lot of mj has more tar content than cigarettes. And, since it is smoked without a filter, it can be extremely harsh on your lu ( Full Answer )

When does smoking start to really effect you?

Immediately, cigarette smoke is full of carcinogens and heavy metals and as soon as it is inhaled it begins to harm the system.

Does smoking marijuana effect you?

Yes. It causes memory loss, damages the lungs, lowers IQ 8-10 points, can cause cancer, damage the heart and brain.

How can smoking effect your metal health?

Smoking can make you feel like a social outcast. It can also make you feel like you stink, since the smell of tobacco gets in your clothes, hair, etc. Another thing is that not being able, or maybe not wanting to quit may make you feel like you have failed or that you are not as good as those who do ( Full Answer )

How does smoking effect footballers?

The worst possible ways. All kind of athletes is harmed by smoking. Smoking and athleticism are not compatible anyway.

What effect can smoking have on diabetics?

In diabetics taking medication for high blood pressure, it has been reported that smoking may increase the risk of kidney disease and/or kidney failure.

What are the harmful effects of tobacco smoke?

The effects are lung cancer, brain damage, and if you are doing the smoking, gum cancer. If you smoke a pack a day, in a year you will have a jar of tar in your lungs.

Does smoking weed makes your veins smaller?

No,it makes them larger which reduces blood pressure; that is only one of many medical benefits it provides,including some medical problems virtually untreatable by modern methods.

What is the effect of smoke in air?

Hey dude! its simple the air will get polluted and we may get diseased.Smoke in air can also cause lung cancer.Lots of birds and animals may die even we humans.It can cause decrease in the quality of air. -Bhaskar choudhary

What are the side effects of smoking patches?

The most COMMON side effects when using a Nicotine Patch are: Abnormal dreams; headache; mild dizziness; mild redness, itching, or burning at the application site; nervousness; sweating; trouble sleeping; vivid dreams. Some less common but severe side effects are: Severe allergic reactions (ra ( Full Answer )

Does smoking tobacco effect puberty?

yes, tobacco can effect puberty because it causes you to stop growing and that is serious. it can also lead you to death.