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Smoking tobacco causes lower sperm counts - whether the cigarettes are mint or not.

Some research suggests that exposure to a variety of toxic substances, including those in cigarettes, can damage sperm and/or lower sperm count. Sperm imperfections and mishaps are to be expected, given the sheer volume of sperm in one ejaculate. However, it seems that they occur at a higher rate in men who have been exposed to certain toxins, drugs, alcohol, and radiation.

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Do cigarettes cause lower sperm productivity?

Yes, alcohol also does.

Can smoking cigerates lower sperm count?

That would be the least of my worries as cigarettes can cause many different forms and types of cancer.

How can smoking cigarettes affect sperm?

Smoking causes a lower sperm count and weaker sperm. It also causes the sperm to be shaped differently this of course will cause it hard to becone pregnant.

Does mint cause lower sperm productivity?

YES all mints do

Does smoking cause lower birth weights?


Positive effects of smoking?

The only thing that has been consistently linked as a "benefit" of smoking is lower rates of prostate cancer (men). However, this is due to nicotine and not the cigarettes themselves.

What effect does smoking have in sport?

Smoking hurts your lungs what means you playing sports gets lower and lower.

Do menthol cigarettes reduce sperm count?

all cigarettes lower sperm count lol there are no special cigarettes that are healthy for your balls.

Do cigarettes lower sperm count?

Cigarettes are horrible. They pretty much affect everything except for how cool you look.

How much does the average person pay for cigarettes each year?

It's hard to pick an "average" amount of smoking, but in Delaware the average is about 185 packs a year, which works out to just under $1,000. In Utah, the smoking rate is much lower. Check the Related Links section below for an article about how much smokers in different states can expect to save by quitting (and thus, an average cost of cigarettes per year).

Is smoking the number one killer in US?

No. The number 1 cause is heart disease. However, that is an effect of smoking, furthermore, smoking also causes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leading causes of death, which are cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease, respectively. Smoking can not be called a cause of death by itself; it simply causes diseases that account for more deaths that anything else.

Does drugs cigarettes and alcohol lower the chances of getting pregnant?


What are the short term effects of smoking on social life?

Not good. Today people are more knowledgeable about the negative health effects that smoking can cause. On the other hand, the stereotypical tough or cool guy/gal image that was once associated with smoking has been replaced with one of lower class and in the lower socioeconomic status. Men and women do not think smoking places a person higher on the social status bar but the opposite.

Does smoking effect testesterone level?

Smoking has been shown to lower levels of testosterone.

Can smoking harm an unborn baby?

Yes it can harm an unborn baby causing a lot lower baby mass and/or could cause the child to develop or have asthma.

Does smoking marijuana lower a male's sperm count?


Does smoking enhance physical endurance and performance?

Smoking weakens the lungs and will lower physical endurance and performance.

Can smoking cigarettes make women infertile?

Smoking does not cause infertility among women, but it does lead to miscarriages and birth defects if done while you are pregnant. Even smoking after you give birth can affect your baby-- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been linked to second hand smoke and nicotine in breast milk. Second hand smoke has been associated that between 150,000 and 300,000 lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children under 18 months of age, resulting in between 7,500 and 15,000 hospitalizations each year.

What are benefit of managerial specialization?

Greater efficiency; increased productivity; lower unit costs

Does smoking marijuana seeds lower a guys sperm count?

The better question would be, why the frack are you smoking SEEDS?

Why do smokers have lower concentration of oxygen in their blood than non smokers?

smoking cigarettes,cigars containing nicotine becomes addiction but there is a high intake of Co2 with the every puff that causes the haemoglobin to attach with Co2 replacing the oxygen in the blood cells.

Does chantix cause seizures?

Yes, Chantix may cause seizures. In March 2015, the FDA issued a warning that Chantix, a quit-smoking drug, is linked to rare risk of seizures and may lower tolerance to alcohol.

Why are smoker's voices lower?

from the tar and nicotine that you inhale from smoking.

Does smoking weed lower sperm count?

Yes man.

How can you lower risk for cancer?

eat a healthy diet, no smoking..