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Does smoking weed kill brain cells?

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smoke blunts and get high...hell no it doesnt kill brain cells, i smoke weed all day, everyday and get A's in school. jus make sure to take breaths between tokes! gotta get that fresh o2

No. The study that attempted to spread this false idea that marijuana kills brain cells was horribly botched and part of a smear campaign against hemp. The "experiment" was essentially suffocating monkeys with marijuana smoke (they were hooked up to masks for extremely long periods of time and received no oxygen thusly). Suffocation kills brain cells, THC does not. There is actually some evidence to suggest that marijuana is beneficial to the health of neurons.

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If smoking weed can kill sperm cells?

No, but smoking weed can kill brain cells. Mostly in the grammar area.

How many brain cells does smoking weed kill?

It doesn't kill brain cells.

Can smoking weed kill your brain cells?

No. Cannabis doesn't kill brain cells it is a myth.

Does smoking cigarettes kill brain cells?

I think they did a study that smoking cigarettes kills or restrices brain cell growth. But smoking weed desn't. Weed actually helps cells grow in the brain as much as 40 percent.

Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells?

No, smoking weed does not kill brain cells! No cause if it did someone would of died by know do to marijuana damaging the brain yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana

Can smoking kill brain cells?

yes Not for weed. If weed did kill brain cells someone would of died by know but yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana. Biggest risk of marijuana is getting caught

How many brain cells are killed when smoking weed?


Does weed cause brain damage?

marijuana does kill brain cells

Does smoking weed through a can kill your brain cells faster?

no recent stuidies show that cannabis does not kill brain cell but actually promotes the grow of brain cells this source is comming from a 2005 forbes article the research was done a the university of Vancouver

Does weed kill brain cells perminently?

no weed does not kill brain cells. but if u do find a way to loose them u do loss them permanently there the only kind of cell that does not regenerate.

How much brain cells does weed destroy?

THC doesn't kill brain cells, instead it surrounds them with kind of like a plastic wrap for a while until you quit smoking long enough for it to disperse

Does teenage smoking kill brain cells?

the answer is NO!. It is not specifically weed that kills brain cells, it is the smoke(like any cigarette or smoking device) that expels carbon-monoxide which DOESkill brain cells not the THC or ingredients in marijuana. This has been researched an proven right!So for example if you use a vaporizer you wont have the brain-cell killing effect.

Do brain cells grow back after smoking weed?

No, brain cells never grow back. Once they're dead, they're dead.

Does spice kill more brain cells than weed?

No, I'd imagine that weed is much worse.

Is it possible to smoke weed enough to kill every brain cell you have and end up in a vegetative state?

you could kill enough brain cells to end up in a vegitative state with RIDICULOUS amounts of weed, but if you killed ALL your brain cells you would die.

Is marijuana smoke healthier than cigarette smoke?

Smoking marijuana is not as bad as smoking cigarettes. You cant get cancer, or cant shorten youre life, one of my friends grandfather is 86 he has been smoking weed for 58 years. It is true that it kills youre brain cells and it messes with your memory but the only way for you to die on weed is if you drive, or anything similar to that. Actualy the government is now admiting that it dosent kill brain cells

Does smoking weed kill you?


What good does weed smoking does to the body?

Honestly It doesn't do anything. Some people might try to tell you that smoking weed will kill brain cells but it doesn't although while you are high you do loose brain cells but once your high goes away, you become back to normal. And when you are high you tend to get the munchies, and If you eat too much it could possible cause you to gain weight (not good). Weed is a herb not a drug as crack is weed doesn't harm your body too much. Many Indian and Hindu's believe that smoking weed helps relax and prepare for meditation.

Does smoking weed kill your singing voice?

Smoking ANYTHING is bad for your voice. Weed included.

What can smoking weed do to your body?

It will fry your brain!

Does weed kill your braincells?

No that is not true. There have been no studies that prove Marijuana kills brain cells.

What does smoking weed do to your brain?

it harms your barin by making u stupid......... i also makes u loose memory and nerve cells SO DONT SOMKE WEED.......... Actually smoking weed doesn't harm your brain it doesn't even kill brain cells that was a lie started by President Nixon you see his scientist strapped gas mask to monkeys and pumped them full of marijuana smoke until they suffocated and as many people know when you loose air brain cells die (you would need to smoke over 200 joints in under 20 minutes to die from weed so don't worry about dieing from weed) also weed is just a natural medicine that slows the growth of cancer cells and help people with chronic pain such as migraines.

They say weed kills brain cells does that make you dumb I know a artist Serj Tankian The smartest guy i know he smokes weed?

The drug marijuana is said to kill brain cells. This does not mean that a person becomes dumb, it just means that they do not have as many brain cells available to them.

Can weed kill you if you smoke it sometimes?

Smoking Weed has never killed anyone.

What happens to your body when you smoke weed?

Smoking kills brain cells, can cause lung cancer and emphysema, and can lead to cardiovascular disease.