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No. Otherwise it wouldn't be a treatment for things like brain cancer, Memory disabilities and seizures.

The us government has a patent on marijuana as a "brain protectant".

The rumor that marijuana damages the brain came from a study done on monkeys in the mid 70's in which they put gas masks on 3 monkeys and proceeded to fill each mask with large amounts of marijuana smoke.

The masks were left on the monkeys until all of the smoke was gone. The scientists found that the monkeys had lost brain cells. However, what the scientists back then didn't realize is that it was the lack of oxygen caused by the monkeys inhaling only smoke with no breathing breaks for so long that killed their brain cells.

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What can smoking weed do to your body?

It will fry your brain!

If smoking weed can kill sperm cells?

No, but smoking weed can kill brain cells. Mostly in the grammar area.

Does smoking cigarettes kill brain cells?

I think they did a study that smoking cigarettes kills or restrices brain cell growth. But smoking weed desn't. Weed actually helps cells grow in the brain as much as 40 percent.

How many brain cells are killed when smoking weed?


How many brain cells does smoking weed kill?

It doesn't kill brain cells.

Can smoking weed kill your brain cells?

No. Cannabis doesn't kill brain cells it is a myth.

What are the benfits from weed?

If you hate your brain and want to punish it by slowly destroying it, than you will benefit from smoking weed.

What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

How is smoking weed for a baby bad?

i would say yes, its better to smoke weed when your brain is fully developed

How much brain damage will cause by smoking weed all the time?


Why does smoking weed make you hungry?

Smoking weed makes you hungry because the THC is very similar to a natural occuring chemical in your brain that triggers hunger, and when the THC binds to the chemical receptors in your brain it makes you feel hungry again.

Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells?

No, smoking weed does not kill brain cells! No cause if it did someone would of died by know do to marijuana damaging the brain yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana

What are the dangers of smoking weed?

Well, there are many long term health effects of smoking weed. It would consist of brain damage, lung damage, and a lot of hazardous damages to the overall body of the person who chooses to smoke weed.

Is smoking better then smoking weed?

smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes. It's much healthier for you!

Do brain cells grow back after smoking weed?

No, brain cells never grow back. Once they're dead, they're dead.

Does smoking weed help trichotillomania?

When you have trichtillomania, then something's wrong with your brain, nothing can help it there is no cure yet

Does smoking weed affect your period?

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

Is smoking weed when you have a concussion bad?

Smoking weed is bad at any time.

Can smoking kill brain cells?

yes Not for weed. If weed did kill brain cells someone would of died by know but yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana. Biggest risk of marijuana is getting caught

Was Justin bieber arrested for smoking weed?

Justin Bieber was not arrested for smoking weed.

What are the effects of casual weed smoking?

Weed! =)

How many ounces in a halftpound of weed?

there are 16 ounces in a pound. Half of 16 is 8. Simple really. I think you should stop smoking weed it dulls the brain.

Is weed bad for kid brain?

Yes, smoking weed can be very harmful to a child's/kid's brain. Weed affects the function of the central nervous system and hinders the memory and movement of the child's/kid's brain. Weed impinges on the central nervous system by attaching to brain's neurons and interfering with normal communication between the neurons. These nerves respond by altering their initial behavior.

Is cigerrette smoking is just as bad as smoking marijuana?

cigarettes are WORSE than weed. smoking weed does nothing to your lungs or doesnt give you cancer. weed just gets to your head. compare the number of people who died from smoking cigarettes to the people who smoke weed. NOBODY dies from weed.