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What field of anthropology studies fossil remains to learn how human characteristics have developed

Which field of anthropology studies the relationships of people in groups

Which subject could be included in both the humanities and social sciences

Which field of anthropology studies the relationship of apes and monkeys compared to the development of human beings

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Q: Does social Darwinism still exist in the US?
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Who was a US sociologist and proponent of Social Darwinism?

William Graham Sumner

Did the main supporters and opponents of Social Darwinism influence American society mostly in foreign rather than domestic policy?

I believe both because in that time period the US was and still is by a thread the hegemon of the day, allowing for that ideology of social darwinism not only to influenced US culture but also that of the World.

Theory used by many in the US to justify US involvement in Southeast Asia is known as the?

social Darwinism

Explain four reasons for us imperialism?

economic interests, military needs, ideology (social darwinism), scramble for territory.

Why do deserts in the southwest US still exist?

The deserts still exist because the geographic and climatological conditions that formed the deserts still exist.

That the US would be receptive to Social Darwinism today?

I would hope not, but people don't realize how easy it is to be brain washed. Hitler used this idea of Social Darwinism to execute the Holocaust. He was able to do this because people are trained to listen to authority and follow the majority.

How were the concepts of manifest destiny and social Darwinism used to justify conditions in the 1800s?

Manifest destiny and social Darwinism were used to justify horrible actions toward minority peoples during the 1800s. Manifest destiny was the idea that the US should expand westward, and was used to steal Native American lands. Social Darwinism was the idea that the lighter skinned people were, the better they were. It was used to justify institutional racism.

Does racism still exist in the US?


Does racism still exist in the US and where?


Do the creek Indians still exist?

Yes. Creek Indians still exist. Some of us live in Oklahoma and some of us live in South Alabama.

Does cannibalism still exist in the US?

Apart from the rare psycho - no.

Which two states in the us does slavery still exist?


How was social darwinism applied by the US business men?

It was a justification for the harsh conditions they put on their laborers and to defeat competition if you could not stay in the game you then its better that you did not win.

Does The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the US still exist?

I doubt it. How does a person contact this agency IF it does exist?

Does segregation still exist in the US?

yes sir it does. yes sir it does.

Does anti-immigration sentiment exist in the US today?

Yes it still does

Does the north star still exist and visible to us?

it has always existed

Do share croppers still exist?

is share cropping legal in the US

What impact did World War 1 have on the US' social security?

None... Social Security (the government program) did not exist during WW1.

What percentage of forests still exist from when Europeans first arrived in the US?

Only 5% of forest still exist from when the Europeans first came. Thanks :)

How can slavery exist in China?

Slavery can exist anywhere, it can even exist secretly. Not EVERYONE is free from slavery, it still goes on. And it exist just like how it existed in the US.

Does slavery still exist in the US today?

sadly, yes it does, but it is not in all states

Where do migrant workers still exist today?

all over the freakin US

What is another name for quaker?

Friends. There still exist "Friends'" church denominations in the US.

Why does guns still exist in the US?

Because it's in our constitution and we have the right to bear arms.