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Does someone love you if they say they'll miss seeing you every day?

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Can someone love without seeing?

Yes a person can love someone without seeing them. They can form a heart connection with the person. They can love the person's inner qualities.

How do you get over someone you really love but evrey time you see them you love them even more?

What does "seeing" someone have to do with love? Realize that this is not love, merely attraction.

What is the idiomatic meaning of carry a torch?

to secretly love someone who does not love you, either because they dont love you, are currently seeing someone, or dont know you love them.

How do you know when you're really in love with someone?

When you are really in love with someone you will call her every chance you get. You will be with her and not your friends/family when she calls for you. If she need help money etc. you will find a way to get it. You would get so sick if she should stop seeing or talking to you.

How can you cope with seeing the person you love with someone else every day?

Burn out your eyes with red-hot pokers. Or better yet, go back to whanking.

What do you do when your love interest loves someone else?

dont threat cos that only makes you look silly help them get them and theyll see the good in u

Is Michael Jackson having a love affair?

If he was in love or just seeing someone before his death, it was kept private.

What are some signs that you love someone?

nervousness around them ur not urself... another way of seeing this is that if you love someone you would know. trust me you will find out [if you love him/her] before we tell you the possible signs.

Why can you love someone and want to be with someone else?

yes and no i mean if you love someone you should want to be with them every waking hour of the day but then again if you love two people your not in love. like true love

What is the difference between in love?

If you love someone you can love them as a friend or family. But if you are in love with someone you love them passionatly and your heart jumps into your throat every time you think or see them.

Can you love someone even if you have never met them?

I believe you can. I am in love with a guy who catches my bus. I see him every week, and he happens to be my friends' friend. We ask her about each other, and although we haven't met, I can pick things up just from seeing what he carries and does. I really think I love him.

How do you make your ex fall in love with you?

i used to wonder this very same thing,and every day id hurt seeing him happy with out me and with another girl......i tried changing my style,my friends,almost every thing.then one day i looked in the mirror and realized i should be me and if he doesn't love me then ill stop wasting my time and find someone who does love me. As the Jinni in Adladin says "I can not make someone love you". No power can. After you have marketed all your good points, if he still is not in love with you, you need to find someone who can fall in love with you. You can not change anyone, you can only change yourself. And, guess what? If you learn to love yourself, you will find someone who appreciates and loves you for what you are, not what you can become. That said; look for someone who has similar life goals as you.

Can you love someone who does not love themselves?

yes, of course you can. the other person wont know what you see in them but they will be happy they were able to find someone who could. NO. Why don't they love themselves. They should see what you see. How can you express what you love about them? Help them out at seeing what you see.

How do you kno if your ex boyfriend is still in love with you when he is seeing someone else?

he would be with you now if he loved you, not someone else, you need to move on with your life

What can you do if your boyfriend or gf is in love with others?

tell them are you seeing someone if they are then dumb them and say you will never see them again

Why would a man that you love keep asking you if you are going to see someone else or make love with someone else?

maybe he is the one that is seeing or sleeping with someone else. I think you should be asking him those same questions.

What do you do when she says she loves you but is seeing some after you told you love?

That's a tough one. I guess it just depends on who you are. If she really loves you, she wouldn't be seeing someone after she told you that, but if you really love her, you two will find a way to work it out and get past it!

What does it mean when you dream about someone killing thereself?

The meaning of the dream all depends on who the person is that is committing suicide. If it was someone that you absolutely hated. Seeing them commit suicide in a dream might represent your hate for them. If it someone that you love then seeing them commit suicide represents your concern for them.

Can someone love you without seeing you?

yes because when you think about it, real love is not all about the looks or seeing that it is possible that someone can be in love with someone without seeing them. but to make sure its really love just test the person a little bit. you know from time to time. remember the most important thing to know in a relationship is to know that you can rely on the other..and if they are all too ready to give up the relationship or are ready to call it quits when something goes wrong instead of sticking with you then that might not be real love. so consider that. trust me its happed to me just recently.AnswerYes, they can.

I think im falling in love with someone I meet once.?

To be truly in love with someone, means that you know about them. You have spent time with them to get to know them. On the other hand, a crush is seeing someone you may think a cute or hot and would like to get to know them.

Why is love so strong?

love is everything without love life is boring. love can hurt u or can remain with u forever. but the most hardest thing in life is seeing the person u love love someone else

Should you stop your child from seeing someone if they are 15 and in love?

You need to follow your own parental insticts on this one, sorry.

What does it mean when someone tell you love the way you are and your perfect for me each and every wayΒ ?

Tobe the same and have ur own personality because that is who someone wants to love

Are you pretty enough to get married?

for every person there is someone willing to love them for who they are...not how they look

What does it mean if someone says I love you but I am not in love with you?

well you dont love her/him so just forget about it.when they say that, they mean that they have love for you, and they care about you. there is a difference between loving someone and being IN LOVE with someone. when you are in love, nothing can shake those feelings. you would do anything for that person, and seeing them brightens up your day. when they touch you, its almost as if your problems go away. its actually rather difficult to explain....