Does someone with mental illness have a learning disability?

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Mental illness and learning disabilities have no general connection.

A mentally ill person is no more likely to have a learning disability than anyone else (although their condition might create circumstances that would make learning difficult for other reasons). Nor does a person with a learning disability necessarily have emotional or psychological problems. They simply have difficulty processing certain kinds of information into learned ideas or behavior.
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Can you receive disability for mental illness?

Mental Illness Disability For information, resources and related links go The National Council On Disability (NCD) If you already have a policy you can look at the terms and conditions section of the policy and see what causes of injury or illness are covered by the policy. Also, check the exc ( Full Answer )

How does someone get help for mental illness if they have no insurance and the effect of their illness is making them lack the need to continue living or finding a job to help them get insurance?

Answer . I live in Alabama and we have a social service place that will treat you based on your income. If you make less than $14,000 a year for one person they will see you for free. I think you should find the nearest Mental Health Association and see if your state has one too. A good place to ( Full Answer )

How do you learn to live with someone with bipolar illness?

Watch his meds . One good way is to ensure he (or she) is taking his meds. If he really is bi-polar (formerly known as manic-depressive), he should be under a doctor's care and taking the meds needed to control his illness. If he is already on medication, you must do everything in your power to e ( Full Answer )

What is mental illness?

"Mental illness" is a category into which many kinds of diseases fall, such as depression, anorexia, schizophrenia, and others. If you have symptoms that effect your life but aren't necessarily physical--hearing voices, feeling depressed or suicidal, etc.--please reach out to community resources. Ta ( Full Answer )

What is mental disability?

A mental disability is a disorder that affects someone's mentalperformance, thoughts, and processes. Mental disabilities hinder aperson's ability to function normally in society.

How can someone living in KY with mental illness no job or insurance get help?

The first step in getting help with mental illness is to apply for Social Security Disablity and Medicaid. Also a good place to see a doctor is at any of the Kentucky Comprehensive Care Centers. Their prices are based on income and they can help with prescription medication. Another good place to st ( Full Answer )

Can you tell if someone has a mental illness?

Loosing normal ability to reason and be self productive is part ofmental illness. Symptoms . self-destructive actions . abuse of alcohol of other drugs . withdrawal or distrust of friends and family . short temper and argumentative . loss of interest in daily activities . inability to concent ( Full Answer )

Is mental illness considered a disability?

Well, the definition of a disability is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses or activities. For mental illness just like physical illness it depends on the severity. This is just my opinion.

What is a mental disability?

when a person has a lower then normal IQ and considerable problems funcutioning in everyday life.

What is the difference between learning disabilities and mental retardation?

A person with mental retardation has a low IQ and difficulty with tasks associated with daily living. A person with a learning disability may have an average or above average IQ but has difficulty in a specific area. For example, a very smart child may have trouble reading. This child is not mentall ( Full Answer )

Is there a mental illness for someone that cant seem to be alone?

It really isn't a mental illness for someone to be alone, but it could be a phobia or anxiety or just normal. Most people don't like being alone either literally alone or not seeing a lover type alone as in single, so it's normal. A lot of people get scared or have anxiety when being alone, but that ( Full Answer )

Are learning disabilities the same as mental retardation?

No. Mental retardation means the person has an IQ of below 70. A person with learning disabilities can have even a genius level IQ but still have certain learning difficulties, such as, for instance, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Dyslexia, which affect their ability to learn, but do not affect thei ( Full Answer )

Mental illness how do they get that?

usually it is already latent, and may have been worsened by your surroundings e.g. a traumatic event, stressfull home life e.t.c can also be hereditry added There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generati ( Full Answer )

What mental illness qualifies for SSI disability? This gives a full list of accepted mental disorders for SSI disability ratings. These disorders must be diagnosed by a certified Psychologist or Psychiatrist and must be determined to be disabling to a degree tha ( Full Answer )

If someone is hyper isn't that usually like a learning disability?

no. although these people may struggle in school, it is because the method of learning does not align with the person's needs. hyperactivity is just a problem that makes it a little more difficult to learn. A learning disability is when there is significant impairment in learning directly because of ( Full Answer )

What is mental illeness?

Mental illness is marked by the inability to cope withcircumstances in life. It is marked by a set of behaviors whichdoes not lead the person to where they wish to go in life.

Who can get a mental illness?

You - or anyone else on this earth. There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generation. It can skip generations and doesn't always show as the same mental illness it can be any of the diagnosis (Dx) 2. Environmen ( Full Answer )

Why did Hitler kill the disabled and mentally ill?

it was said that a man wanted his disable son putting to sleep to end his life and he asked Hitler for permission to do it and after that Hitler did not want people that did not live to the standard of a pure race to be killed . this was on a documentary on channel 4

If someone is mentally ill does that mean that when he complain about a crime it is always in his head?

No. Mental illness is not synonymous with paranoia. Unless someone suffers from actual paranoid symptoms resulting from a personality disorder or delusions of persecution resulting from psychotic symptoms, they will rarely report crimes that did not occur. Further, even those suffering from seve ( Full Answer )

How do you help someone who is mentally ill?

They need professional help You need to help them see that they should go to a psychiatrist or licensed therapist, Be understanding and loving, and tell them the things that you see that make you think they have a problem, and let them know that you are still their friend and/or loved one no matte ( Full Answer )

How do you know if someone has mental illness?

if they speak to themselves. It can be even more subtle than that. It depends on the mental disorder they have. They could become withdrawn, quite, suddenly angry or sad, and so on. If anyone shows any of these signs it is best to get them help. It could always be something simple. But if not it cou ( Full Answer )

Is autism a mental retardation or learning disability?

Autism is neither a mental retardation or a learning disability.Autism is a neurological difference so effects how a person thinksand interacts with the world, but is it no more or less than beingneurotypical. Some autistic people can have learning disabilities,but this isn't true for all autistic p ( Full Answer )

What will mental illness do to you?

The brain is the physical representation of the mind. The health of the brain depends on the state of the mind. The state of the conscious mind is dependent on the state of the subconscious mind therefore the health of the conscious mind and brain is dependent on the level of truth in the subconscio ( Full Answer )

Can you get mentally ill from living with a mentally ill person?

Well according to a psychiatrist I spoke with personally a while back it is possible to have a 'mass psychosis' where two or more people experience the same symptoms as each other. I personally think this is rubbish and was the only way they could explain away something they did not understand. And ( Full Answer )

How does someone become mentally ill?

It varies and depends on the exact illness. Often they are born with it or born with a predisposition for it. Sometimes it is self-inflicted, like in the case of substance abuse. Substance abuse can, however, cause other mental illnesses. Then some people develop brain tumors or degenerative disease ( Full Answer )

How do you get mental illness?

There is three ways to "get" mental illness 1. Hereditary - Mental Illness can and usually is passed down from generation to generation. It can skip generations and doesn't always show as the same mental illness it can be any of the diagnosis (Dx) 2. Environmental- Child abuse, rape, trauma etc can ( Full Answer )

How do you you get mental illness?

you can't get a mental illness you are born with it i am only 11 and i know this how stupid are you people

What is the between a learning disability and mental retardation?

A learning disability involves normal to above average or superior aptitude, but an inability or impaired ability to process information given in a particular form. For example, a person with dyslexia may have trouble processing written information, but can understand and retain the same information ( Full Answer )

Can someone with a mental illness own a pistol?

Generally no. Each state has its own laws regarding gun ownership, and mental illness is usually a disqualifier in all of them. The term "mental illness" can refer to many different problems, some serious, others not. If ever there is a borderline case, I think the authority would err on the side ( Full Answer )

What are some symptoms when someone is mentally ill?

Depending on the illness, there can be any number of symptoms when someone is mentally ill. For example, anxiety could make someone uncomfortable in social situations or be unable to complete tasks such as public speaking.