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Sony DVD/VCR Combo Player, SLVD370P


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Sony makes great DVD/VCR combo players, and has a five year warranty as well in case anything goes wrong.

You Can't go wrong with a Sony or Toshiba,Sony SLV-D360P DVD Player / VCR Combo or Toshiba SD-V391 these models respectivly.

The Sony combo players have a five year warranty but will likely last much longer than that under normal, moderate use.

Sony does still make Walkman products. However, the most recent Sony Walkman product is a MP3 player or digital player rather than the "old style" casette tape or CD player.

Yes, Sony makes several versions of a DVD/VCR combo. These include progressive-scan DVD/VCR combos and DVD recorder/VCR combos. The latter is capable of copying VHS content onto DVD.

Many companies make a DVD/VCR combo, like Philips or Sony.

No, Sony does not make an underwater mp3 player, but many stores sell water proof cases for mp3 players.

Try the Sony Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Recorder And Player Combo Model RDRVX530 this is considered one of the best devices for this job.

Sony does make a dvd player recorder that is available for purchase both online and through different electronic stores like Target and BestBuy.

Sony still makes their classic Walkmans, as they have for the past couple decades.

Yes, any brand of DVD/VCR combo should work with any brand of TV as long as the TV is equipped with inputs for audio/video jacks (the white, red, and yellow jacks that come with the DVD/VCR combo player).

Sony makes a dual deck dvd/vcr combo but not a dual deck vcr. Other popular brands makes a dual deck vcr system.

Yes Sony still makes CD players for your portability. There are many other brands out there that still make CD players and Sony is one of them. And Sony is one of the strongest brands out there.

Yes Sony does make a CD player that also plays mp3's. They have a few different options. Some that you can even hook into your car. Go to the Sony website to find out your options.

The best brand of DVD/VCR combo, in terms of expert reviews, user reviews, and product features, is Sony.

No. They sell DVD players and TV's but not both put together. Other companies do such as Coby.

You can find a Sony CD Player for sale at websites such as the Sony Store and Amazon. A Sony CD Player costs approximately $39.00 US Dollars on Amazon.

There are no thin DVD players by Sony that can hold ten DVDs. They do make jukeboxes that can hold hundreds, however.

When considering the purchase of a Toshiba DVD player over a Sony DVD player, one has to consider the type, quality, and cost of each. All DVD players are compatible to every brand of tv's, but many Sony DVD players offer more options when paired with a Sony tv. If you have a Sony tv, I would recommend a Sony DVD player.

Sony does not make an IPod only Apple makes the Idevices. You can get an mp3 player from Sony but it won't have the IOS system for the Apple Apps.

To fix a Sony MP3 player, first diagnose the problem. You can reset the player by holding in the button by the battery.

SONY, they make their own stuff.

Yes there is a silver mp3 player made by Sony. Sony makes mp3 players in a large variety of colors and sizes. This is just one example of a review for one that is silver.;lst

No, the SL-VD380P DVD/VCR does not have a USB interface. Try the Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK DVD/VCR Combo Recorder for USB compatibility.

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