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Sound transmits better through water (it travels faster and further in water).

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What transmits a sound through solid?

Sound waves transmit sound through a solid, as well as air and water. Sound waves cannot be transmitted through a vacuum.

Does sound travel better through air or water?

Water- It is denser, and sound travels better through a denser substance.

Does sound travels better through water than wood?

Sound travels better through wood than water

Is water transmitted or absorbed by sound?

Sound does not tansmit or absorb water. But water both transmits and absorbs sound.

How do sound waves travel through water compared with wood?

Sounds travel better through denser objects and since water is denser than wood, sound travels through it better.

Does blood carry sound?

I suppose it would just like water all liquid transmits sound.

Can you hear sound in water better than air?

Yes... because the detection of sound waves transmits pressure waves more efficiently in water.(pg. 903 from 8th edition Biology by Raven, johnson, Losos, Mason, & Singer)

Does sound travel better through gas mist or wind?

mist. the sound reflects off the water drops.

Why is the speed of sound greater for stone than water or air?

Sound can travel better through denser objects, so since stone is denser than water and air, sound can travel faster through it.

Do some sounds travel better through water than air?

Yes. Sound depends on the medium it is in. Sound vibrates that medium to produce waves at different frequencies. Sound travels better the more dense the medium. Sound travels faster in water than air and better in steel than in water.

What does sound travell through best?

Sound conductance is in part a function of density. Water conducts sound much better than air does.

Why does sound travel better through water than air?

Because it is less compact.

Why are light and sound transmitted better through media?

First let me say that the transmission of light is not better through any media. The best transmission is best when in a vacuum. All other media slows light down or divides the frequencies by refraction. Sound however is transmitted better the denser the media it is traveling in. As air transmits sound better when it is cold or wet (getting denser) it travels faster as it enters water and rock. It is a matter of the number and closeness of atoms that move the energy along by virtue of momentum transfer between atoms as they collide.

Does sound travel better though air or water?

Sound travels better and faster in air because air has a lower density than water and the sound vibrations can travel faster through them and with more accuracy, whereas in water the vibrations slowly die out and do not travel well because the density of the water will likely muffle and obstruct the sound waves. sound travels better in air than in water as sound travels in vibrations.. it travels faster in water than in air but it travels better in air.....

Why can't sound travel through space?

Because sound needs an median to pass through and in space there is no median. In explanation: sound can actually be heard better through some objects than others, such as through water rather than air.

Why is water a good conductor of sound?

Waters' density is higher than air. Therefore it transfers the sound energy better. Steel being more dense still transmits sound through it even better. I would like to add -- try this - have someone hit two stones together in the air - and hear the sound then repeat the exercise with your head under water and have your friend hit the two stones together under water the results will be SO different as the water transports the sound so much more efficiently and faster than air Reason? Easy - water molecules are closer together than the molecules that are in air (another way of saying water is denser than air)

How well does sound travel through water?

Sound travels through water much better than it travels through air. In air, sound travels at about 330 m/sec (metres per second). In seawater it travels at about 1,490 m/s (better 1.49km/sec). Sound also travels much further through water than it does though air. This is the way humpback whales can communicate over very long distances with their singing.

Does sound go faster through water or air?

Sound travels faster through water.

Which is a better for transporting sound waves air or water?

Water, the denser the substance, the better it is at carrying sound waves.

Would sound travel faster through water or through air?

sound travels faster through water than air.

Sound can travel through?

sound can travel through wood and water like if you are in the pool you can make sound of bubble with your mouth under water

Can sound go through water?

Yes sound can go through water because when you say hi under water you are producing air buble that make sound.

A permeable rock layer that transmits ground water freely?

An aquifer transmits ground water freely.

Can sound travel through water or wood?

I am not sure about wood, but sound travels through water VERY well.

Does sound move faster through cork or through water?

Sound moves faster through water because cork has lots of air pockets in it and sound travels a lot slower through air.

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