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Q: Does sound travel faster in air at 20 Celsius or at 0 Celsius?
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What type of air does sound travel faster in?

Sound travels faster in moist air

How much faster does sound travel through metal than air?

it is 15 times faster in iron (5,120 miles a second) than in air at 20 degrees celsius

Does sound travel faster in the air or water?

Sound travels faster in water thanin air.

Would sound travel faster in warm air or cold air why?

The sound travel faster in warm air because the average mean speed of the molecules of air is faster in warm air than on cool air. Sound is transferred by collisions of molecules. Therefore sound waves will travel faster on warm air because collisions of molecules of air in warm air is greater.

Does sound travel faster in warm or cold air and why?

sound travel faster in cold air half i give you further other person will give

Will sound travel faster in solid or air?

Much faster in a solid

Does sound travel faster or slower when the air gets warmer?


Does sound travel faster in outer space or in air?

sound travels faster through a solid because the particles are right next to each other and so it is faster to vibrate whereas air particles are further apart and take longer to travel. So yes it would travel through the ground faster than air.

Does sound travel faster in cold air or in steel?

Sound travels faster in steel than in air, regardless of temperature.

Does sound travel faster therw a desk air?


Does sound travel faster in water air milk or steel?


Do sound waves travel fast?

Depends on what they are traveling through- the denser the substance, the faster sound moves. It travels faster through water than through air. In air, the greater the air pressure, the faster it moves (denser air). The lower the temperature, faster the speed (cold air is dense). At sea level, 20 degrees Celsius, sound travels through air at 1126.547 ft/second- or about 768.095 mph