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No sound does not travel in space. sound must travel through a medium. Space is a vacuum, no air. So therefore without air the sound waves cannot travel.

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Does sound travel in the moons atmosphere?

Sound would travel in the moon's atmosphere if the moon had any atmosphere, but since it hasn't, it doesn't.

Does sound travel in the atmosphere of the moon?

The moon's atmosphere is negligible. So, it is as good as saying that the moon does not have an atmosphere.Hence, sound does not travel through it.

What must sound have in order to travel?

An atmosphere. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

Why can't sound travel on the moon?

Sound can travel on the moon because there is no atmosphere. Space is a vacuum that does not allow sound to travel.

Does sound travel outside earth's atmosphere in space?

No. Sound waves are transmitted by the physical vibrations of matter, and there is no matter to speak of beyond our atmosphere. Oh yeah? What about dark matter? No-one knows whether sound would travel through outer space because it is impossible to test. Certainly, sound doesn't travel in a vacuum, but space is not a vacuum.

How does air affect the earths atmosphere?

I do not mean to sound rude or patronising but air IS the atmosphere.

Can a sound travel without atmosphere?

Sound can travel through water, metal, rock and air, so the atmosphere isn't strictly needed for sound transmission.

Why can't sound travel on an asteroid?

sound cant travel on an asteroid because it has no atmosphere. it could travel through it.

What makes sound travel slowly?

Tempurature makes sound travel slowly. If it is cold outside sound travels slowly and if it is hot outside sound travels quickly.

When a tree falls can sound waves travel?

Sound waves travel through matter. Our atmosphere is a mixture of gases which is a form of matter. Sound waves will travel through our atmosphere, even if there is no human ear to receive it.

Why cant a sound wave travel in space?

There is no atmosphere in outer space for sound to travel though. You can not have sound in empty space.

Why doesn't sound travel on an asteroid?

One cannot hear sound on an asteroid since it has no atmosphere, but sound can travel though an asteroid's surface.

Is thunder god bowling?

Thunder is the sound of the lightening cracking the sound barrier as it is breaking through the earths atmosphere.

How fast does sound travel in space?

It doesn't travel at all. Sound needs something to travel in, atmosphere, liquid, or solid - but space is vacuum. Hence no speed for sound in space.

What does moon sound like?

NOTHING there is no atmosphere on the moon therefore sound cannot travel

How fast is sound on the moon?

There is no sound on the moon. W/o atmosphere there's no way sound can travel.

Does sound travel outside Earth's atmosphere space?

No. On Earth, we can hear things by the vibrations of the atmosphere being converted into tiny electrical impulses by the vibration of our ear drums. Beyond our atmosphere, there isn't enough mass to carry any vibration.

What particles are in the Moon's atmosphere to stop sound?

The moon has no atmosphere at all. That's why sound won't travel there. If there were anyatmosphere ... especially one with particles in it ... then sound could move around just fine.

Speed of sound from earth to moon?

For sound to travel, a certain amount of molecules per unit of space are required. In space (that is, outside the atmosphere) -specifically the space between the Earth and the moon- this threshold is not met, so there is no sound. The answer to this question is "Not Applicable."

How long does it take for sound to travel a mile on the moon?

Since the moon has little to no atmosphere, sound cannot move as it has no medium to travel thru.

Why can't sound travel from a satellite to earth?

Sound can only travel through air. Since the satellite is in orbit above the atmosphere, there is no air to transmit the sound in the vacuum of that space.

Does sound travel better inside or outside?

it is travels better outside because of air space

Can sound travel on the moon?

Yes. However, it can't travel through the Moon's atmosphere to any perceptible degree, as the Moon's atmosphere is a pretty good vacuum.

How sound travel in atmosphere?

waves of pressure, kind of like ripples in a pond

Can sound travel through the universe?

sound most likely can't travel through the universe if it does have an atmosphere,but it actually can travel around in other parts and other spaces around the universe>>>>>!

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