Soybeans and Tofu

Does soy mean beans?

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kidney beans can be substituted for soy beans.

Soy beans do not contain gluten.

Beans including Soy: High in protein are tofu, soy milk, beans, soy beans, and split peas.wil not give you any gout problems.

Roasted soy beans, as their name implies, are soy beans that have been roasted in an oven. They are often eaten as a snack, like peanuts.

Miso is fermented pureed soy beans. You can also get them whole.

Dairy is incorrect. According to the government's food chart, soy milk (and other soy products) are counted in the Meat and Beans group since soy comes from soy BEANS. Just because it has the word 'milk' in it does not mean its technically dairy.

No, canned bake beans are made with beans. Soy is also made from beans, but a different type.

North Dakota is the largest production of soy beans

Soy beans, believe it or not, are actually . . . beans. They belong to the legume family.

Can you plant soy beans and grow more? Then it's renewable.

A cup of dry soy beans is approximately 3.5 ounces

anything made from soy beans

Soy sauce is a condiment made with the paste of fermented soy beans.

To quote from dietaryfiberfood: By comparison Soy beans contain 103920 micro-grams of estrogen per 100g of soy beans. So Mung Beans contain less than 0.5% the estrogen than soy beans contain. Very little.

No, they are good for you.

Soy sauce is a combination of fermented soy beans, salt, water, and grains.

No, soy does not contain wheat. Soy products are made from soy beans which are not wheat products. Soy foods often include soy milk and soy sausage or bacon.

Soy beans are dried then ground up and then dried again.

It depends on what kind of beans. Kidney beans are high on protein, baked beans do have protein but also have a lot of fat, and green beans are high on protein but not as high as kidney beans. The beans that are highest in protein are soy beans followed by fava beans and kidney beans. Processing soy into tofu increases the nutrition that humans can absorb.

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Soy beans, string beans, chick peas.

No, soy beans are OK. They have been proven to help Fibromyalgia. See link below for more information.

Yes, soy milk can be made from pressed soaked soybeans.

no the can not it will kill them i have a guinea pig and my best friend told me that her son gave his guinea pig some soy beans and it killed her (the lived across the street from a soy bean field