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Does sparrow eat snail?

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yes the sparrow eats the snail

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Many things will eat a sparrow - the obvious one is a sparrow hawk, but many other hawks will eat a sparrow. Cats and foxes will eat a sparrow if they can catch it.

what does a sparrow brid eat

Sun-clover-snail-sparrow-hawkThe sun gives the clover food. Snails eat clovers. Sparrows eat snails. Hawks eat sparrows.

Sparrow hawks eat sparrows that's why they're called Sparrow Hawks.

No they don't eat snail

Well, If you eat a Live snail the bacteria from the snail will eat away your brain, where as if you eat a cooked snail the bacteria gets killed

A carnivore snail will eat meat or eat other snails and a herbivore snail will not eat meat and will only eat vegetables.

snail and slugs eat garden debris

Some birds that eat sunflowers are the Bahama Mockingbird,Olive Sparrow,Vesper Sparrow,Vesper Sparrow.

A sparrow has a beak for hunting worms and bugs.

Land snails are herbivores. They eat leaves and grass.

no they Sparrow hawk eat mice, young rabbit, vole and Other bird.

Sparrow hawks typically eat small birds like sparrows and finches.

yes a snail eats grass

only if the snail takes steroids

The snail kite of Florida swamps does.

Ive never seen a cricket eat a snail, but still I would say no.

Because they eat small birds, such as sparrows.

The cinnamon-tailed-sparrow would probably eat seeds like most other birds.

If they find them they will eat them but being transparent, snail eggs are very hard to see.

No toads don't eat snail shells in fact it's quite bad for them.

no snail will eat fish waste, what you can do is buy a siphon to take the wste out

If the snail had wings and could fly like a pig then yes it could eat dragonflies.

they can eat algae wafflers from petsmart

they eat it with their teeth

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