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can spina bifida s1 cause paralise

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Q: Does spina bifida s1 cause paralysis?
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Can an epidural cause my pain having spina bifida of the S1?

It would seem that the pain would be less. You really need to ask you doctor this question.

What is Spina Bifida Occulta at s1?

S-1 is the shorthand form for writing Sacral vertebrae #1. So a child with S-1 spina bifida just means that their spina bifida lesion is located at sacral vertebrae #1. This vertebrae is located in the lower back, just above the hips.

Spina Bifida seen at level 1 noted. What does that mean?

Spina Bifida occurs on the spinal cord .The spinal cord is divided into different areas for labelling .The bottom is the sacral area, which is divided in sections S5-S1, then the next area is Lumbar L5-L1, the next section is Thoracic T-12-T1 and finally the last section cervical C8- C1. I would assume if it said L1 that it means Lumbar section 1 where the lesion or mark is on the back.

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Can L5 S1 disk herniation cause pain in the bladder or prostate area also extending into urethra?


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What is the treatment for a desiccated L5-S1?

what is the treatment for a desiccated L5-S1

What is disc space narrowing from L3 to S1?

When there is narrowing in the space between the spinal discs, it can be a result of a herniated or bulging disc or stenosis. Disc space narrowing from L3-S1 can cause severe pain in the lower back and legs.

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