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Spinach is a plant. So they do have chloroplasts

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Q: Does spinach have chloroplasts
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Do spinach cell have chloroplasts?


What are photosynthetic pigments in spinach leaves?


What pigments are in spinach chloroplasts?

Chlorophyll A&B, Xanthophyll, and Carotinoids

Do spinach contain chloroplast?

Yes. all plants contain chloroplasts.

Which organelle does a spinach cell have that a rabbit cell does not have?

A spinach cell has a central vacuole, a cell wall and chloroplasts. A rabbit cell doesn't have any of these organelles, because they are unique to plant cells.

If you grind up the chloroplasts found in spinach leaves into a liquid solution would the solution have a green color?

Yes. The cloroplasts would have a green color.

How many cups of spinach are in a pound of spinach?

Six cups of uncooked spinach = pound of spinach

What is tagalog of spinach?

spinach - espinadas water spinach/river spinach, swamp cabbage, potato vine - kang-kong malabar spinach/ malabar nightshade/ ceylon spinach/ Indian spinach - alugbat

What is a piece of spinach?

A piece of spinach is a leaf.

Does spinach go bad?

spinach goes bad and then it smells bad == == You don't eat spinach. SPINACH EATS YOU

What does a plant cell have that an animal cell doesn't?

Chloroplasts, chlorophyll (in chloroplasts), and a cell wall.

How do you cook fresh spinach to equal frozen spinach?

Personally I prefer to steam spinach, or have it in salad- and I never eat frozen spinach (yeuck)

How does the pigments compare of malabar spinach to regular spinach?

The pigments of Malabar spinach are purplish while those of regular spinach are entirely green.

What is the function of chloroplasts in a cell?

chloroplasts obviously do whatever chloroplasts do

Is spinach a kharif crop or a rabi crop?

spinach is rabi cro

What is the odd one potato sugar spinach rice?


What is the botanical name of spinach?


Is baghi a spinach?

bhaghi IS spinach

Is spinach a herb?

No, spinach is a vegetable.

Is spinach a shrub?

No, spinach is an herb.

Is spinach a vegetable or fruit?

Spinach a vegetable.vegetable

What is the passive voice for-Does Sandra eat spinach?

Is spinach eaten by Sandra? No, spinach is eaten by Popeye.

Which type of cell has chloroplasts and what is the function of the chloroplasts?

Photosynthetic eukariyotic cells have chloroplasts. Chloroplasts carry out photosynthesis to produce food.

Why are a plants chloroplasts green?

Chlorophyll make chloroplasts green.They are stored in chloroplasts.

How much protein is in cooked spinach?

Spinach has very less protein. If you want iron, spinach is good.