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Does starch contain carbon?

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What chemical elements are combined to make molecules of starch and cellulose?

Starch and cellulose contain carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

How do animales get carbon?

By consuming plants or animals that contain carbon whether it is a component in protein, cellulose, sugar or starch.

Does coconut contain starch?

Coconut does contain starch That is incorrect coconut does contain a little starch yes

Does fish have starch?

No, fish does not contain starch. Only plants contain starch.

Does pineapple juice contain starch?

No, it does not contain starch.

Does durian contain starch?

Yes it does contain starch.

Why would the potato contain starch?

Because it has to contain starch

Do noodles contain starch?

Yes, noodles contain starch.

Does onions contain starch?

Yes! onions contain starch.

Does starch contain nitrogen?

No, starch only contains Carbon, Hidrogen and Oxigen, normally the green leafs of the plants, skin of animals, are reach in nitrogen.

Does H2O contain starch?

No. Water contains nothing but water. It can contain starch if starch is added to it.

Does bread contain starch?

Yesmost breads do contain starch

Does corn oil contain starch?

No, corn oil does not contain starch.

Do vegetables contain starch?

Yes, many vegetables contain starch.

Does apple contain starch?

Apples naturally contain starch. The starch in apples decreases as the apples ripen and the starch will then turn into sugar.

Does corn starch contain starch?

Yes it contains starch

Does starch contain protein?

Yes it does.Starch is a complex carbohydrate.It does not contain proteins

Do onions contain starch?

Onions do not contain any starch. Starch is defined as a complex carbohydrate and onion does not meet this definition.

Does Peas Contain Starch?

Peas contain starch as it is used is used for the storage of carbohydrates.

What effect does carbon dioxide have on the presence of starch?

what effect does carbon dioxide on the presence of starch

Do beans contain starch?

Yes, most beans contain starch. But they also contain a good amount of protein and fiber.

Does banana contain starch?

sometimes bananas have starch

Do olives contain starch?

No olives don't have starch in them.

Why does flour contain starch?

Flour does not contain starch. Flour is made from starch! The starch undergoes a process which turns it into flour. So, when you eat flour, you are actually ingesting starch! Hope this helped you...

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