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Yes, excessive stress may cause the loss of hair.

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Q: Does stress cause hair loss
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Is hair loss a part of stress?

Hair loss is not a part of stress,however due to stress it could affect the hair growth or stress can cause your hair to shed or fall out. However not everyone will experience hair loss due to stress.

What is the cause of hair loss in a hamster?

Hair loss for hamster may be caused by mites and hamster can get mites by stress ( stress causes the system to lower the security in the body and the rights may get in the hair)

Is hair loss linked to hair length?

Of course not, there is no direct correlation.There is no connections with hair length. Hair loss can cause by Stress, Genetics and Improper diet.

Can cancer cause hair loss?

The Cancer itself doesn't usually cause hair loss. It's usually related to the treatment (chemotherapy) as well as stress.

What are some reasons for premature hair loss?

Stress is the main cause of premature hair loss. There are also illnesses that can cause it such as various alopecia and as a result of radiotherapy treatment.

Does Hair Fall Defense shampoo work on teenager with sudden hair loss?

I have not heard of it . you need to go toyour dr to check for the causes of your hair loss . then you get the right treatment. if you have been stress lately that can be one of the reasons as stress does cause hair loss

What could be tha cause of excessive hair loss?

There could be a lot of reasons for hair loss, including nutrition, stress, hormones, genes etc.

Can stress cause hair loss?

Stress is actually one of the main reasons for hair loss, along with genetics and hormonal imbalance. An average adult loses up to 100 strands of hair daily. If the stress stops and you continue to lose hair, I'd suggest seeing a specialist

What causes thinning of the hair?

pregnancy, smoking, sickness, stress and genetic disorders can all be a cause of hair loss and or thinning.

Can specific vitamins within hair products result in hair loss for women?

There seems to be no evidence that hair products cause hair loss. However, non-chemical hair products such as hair irons, curlers and brushes can contribute to hair loss, as can stress and illness.

Can overuse of the computer lead to hair loss?

There's no evidence that simply using a computer would cause hair loss. If overuse of the computer is for some reson causing enormous stress, hair loss could possibly (though unlikely) result, but the cause would be stress, not anything emitting from the computer. Hair loss is typically a result of genetics and age. Hello. No it cant. Look up Alopecia.

Why does stress cause hair loss?

it is well known fact that there is hair loss in stress. the precise reason is not known for this. But there is affection of the blood vessels supplying the skin. So the irregularity is the blood supply is probably responsible for this condition.

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