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Does stress help you lose weight?

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No; stress makes you gain weight.

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Hello Guys I found this very helpful A Natural Way to Relieve Stress and Anxiety :

Yes, because stress can cause some people to lose their appetite. On the other hand, stress can cause other people to eat more and gain weight.

How would that help you lose weight? They are loaded with calories.

No. Eating chalk does not help you to lose weight.

Burned food will not help you lose weight. It will however help you get cancer.

Breast feeding wiil help you lose weight.

Sadly, ice cubes DO NOT help you lose weight! They are only frozen water and water DOES NOT help you lose weight! I have no idea why you have asked that!

Green tea can help you lose weight, but it doesn't help you lose weight very fast. It is the type of weight loss drink then can help, but just doesn't do it as quickly as other weight loss drinks.

Stress can cause weight loss in a few ways. Some people who experience stress eat less and therefore lose weight. Stress can also cause health issues which can lead to weight loss.

Good nutrition and portion control will help you lose weight. "Going vegetarian," as you put it, will not help you lose weight if you can't control your eating habits. Talk to a medical professional who can help you form a dietary plan suited to help you lose weight.

No, sitting in hot water does not help you to lose weight?

No. Eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight.

No, tomato juice had no special ability to help you lose weight.

Yes it does help you lose weight there is a lot of calories and sugars in it

if u are overweight or obese, then yes it will help to lose weight. If u are within a normal weight then u don't need to lose weight.

Any exercise performed on a regular basis will help a person to lose weight.

Well-planned Vegetarian or Vegan diets have proven to help lose weight.

It does help lose weight and, helps you tone your musclesyes

it does not help lose weight but it helps your skin to become softer

pilates machine can help you lose weight and tone your body and muscles but you also need to eat healthy that will help you lose weight so eat healthy and workout

Does eliminating bread and pasta help you lose weight

Yes, it should help you lose weight, if you eat the right amount.

yes it does help you lose weight because water has hydrogen in it and h20.

Like many physical sports Volleyball will help you lose weight but not very much.

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