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Does stucco contain asbestos?

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It can. It is generally considered "non-friable" in this use.

2009-09-08 02:14:34
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Q: Does stucco contain asbestos?
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Is asbestos found in stucco ceilings?

is asbestos found in all stucco ceilings and what would be the health hazards

Does the product versalux contain asbestos?

does versilux contain asbestos

Does cotton khaddar contain asbestos?

No, cotton khaddar does not contain asbestos.

Does drywall compound contain asbestos?

no, asbestos is outlawed in the united states

Does mount Everest contain asbestos?

No, Mount Everest does not contain any asbestos.

Does any masonite insulation contain asbestos?

No, masonite does not contain any asbestos.

When drywall was made in 1950 did it have asbestos in it?

Potentially, it could contain asbestos, without analysis, it should be assumed to contain asbestos

Does insulation have asbestos?

Some, but not all, forms of insulation used to contain asbestos. Insulation applied new now does not contain asbestos.

Does cotton have asbestos in it?

Not naturally, cotton does not contain asbestos.

Does p4129897 - as2908.2 type a cat2 contain asbestos?

Does as 2902 cat 2 contain asbestos

Does marble contain asbestos?


What is shingle asbestos?

Some concrete shingles did contain asbestos. Many shingles never were made with asbestos.

Does coal tar contain asbestos?

No, coal tar contains many chemicals that are hazardous in a variety of ways, but it does not contain asbestos unless someone intentionally mixed asbestos into it.

What is the percentage of asbestos is considered dangerous?

Items with greater than 1 percent of asbestos minerals are considered to contain asbestos.

Did qypsum company mineral wool insulation contain asbestos?

Mineral wool is made from melted rock and did not contain asbestos. It was a less effective, but less costly, alternative to asbestos containing products.

Does cement board contain asbestos?

Older cement board may contain asbestos, and then it is properly called "asbestos cement board." Cement board more recently manufactured should not contain asbestos. The only way to know whether a particular cement board does or does not contain asbestos is to ask the manufacturer (if you know who made it) or have a sample collected from it by a qualified sampling technician and have the sample analyzed by a qualified laboratory.

Does red top mineral wool contain asbestos?

what dose it contain in it

Do doorsteps contain asbestos?

The materials door steps are made of do not usually contain asbestos, but they could in some cases. If you suspect asbestos is present, have a sample collected by a qualified person and analyzed by a qualified laboratory.

Does Johns-Mansville Rockwool have asbestos in it?

No. Rockwool is made from melted rock and does not contain asbestos.

Does all vermiculite insulation contain asbestos?

No, not all vermiculite contains asbestos. You should have it tested.

What toothpaste used to contain asbestos?


Does old knitting yarn contain asbestos?

Old knitting yarn would contain asbestos only if had been cotaminated with some asbestos product during its time of storage. Only analysis by a qualified lab can telll you.

Does Gold Bond Rock Wool insulation contain asbestos?

No. Rock wool is made from rock that has been melted and then forced through small holes to make long, fibrous strands. It does not contain any asbestos. Even if the rock used in the beginning did contain asbestos (and that kind of rock is not used for this) the asbestos fibers would be melted and destroyed in the manufacturing process.

Does gysum insulation contain asbestos?

Gypsum insulation made prior to the 1970s included asbestos as a means of providing increased physical strength and insulation capacity to the product. Gypsum insulation made after the 1980s generally did not contain asbestos.

Do crayons contain asbestos?

No, crayons are made of wax.