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Yes. Mostly kids, some adults but not all

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Sugar actually doesn't make you hyper, you just think it will so it does just a little detail about hyper, hyper is were you go a bit crazy and your always up.

Well.candy has a A LOT of sugar.You could get a sugar rush as well.sugar rushes make you very hyper and energetic

sugar affects your brain

My math teacher said that sugar doesnt really make you hyper...its the thought that counts

It is scientificly proven thet not all sugar makes you hyper... but there are some sugars that can make you hyper. But one of the main causes of "becomming" hyper is acctually drinking or maybe eating something that contains caffine!

i think sugar cuz that can make u very hyper

yes and no. yes, they can both make you hyper. no, your body already has sugar in it so you need a lot more sugar to be hyper. You don't need that much caffeine to get hyper.

yes cause maybe cheese has sugar in it and that's when mice could go hyper and run soooo quick

yes because chocolate has high sugar levels. so it makes you hyperactive for a short while and then you crash and feel inactive. Sugar does not make you hyper.

Candy has sugar. Sugar can cause hyperactivity depending on the individual. Yes it can.

You get hyper when you eat to much sugar.

There are many things that can make you become very hyper. For one, Caffeine. It's found in coffee, sugar, syrup, sodas, etc. Also it can be natural too. People who have been diagnosed with ADHD have hyper activity naturally so when and if they drink caffeine they get more hyper.

hyper spectral means that you get too hyper the spectral part is when you have a sugar rush(too much sugar)!

If the coffee has caffeine and you drink enough it will make you hyper. This is even more so if you add sugar to the coffee.

It depends but usually some people get hyper by eating or drinking things with a lot of sugar. Other people might get hyper when "awesome" things happen no! not sugar or anything kids act like they are witch anoys me. the only way your hyper is when your exited or you have ADHD witch mean Attion Defict Hyperactivtiy Disorder whe your really hyper! i have it too!

yes they do because they carry sugar and caffeine

Most of them contain a lot of sugar, so - yes.

No, it doesn't. Sugar makes ADHD symptoms worse.

We are not sure. Does it make you hyper?

Despite the common knowledge, there has been no conclusive evidence that sugar makes children hyper.

Sugary foods, soda's, cookies, pies, donuts, junk food. The best thing is to read the labels, if there is sugar in any form it can make you hyper.

Sugar. That's why people say not to eat too much sugar. You'll get hyper.

no. definitely not. being mental is having mental (brain) issues and getting hyper doesn't have anything to do with that. People get hyper from high sugar levels. this is most commonly demonstrated in diabetic people. but there's nothing wrong with being hyper. it's really not their fault.

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