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No,they do not because Chewing Gum is also illigel in Singapore and in gum base,there is gum so they do not sell them in Singapore.

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Q: Does supermarket in Singapore sell gum base?
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In what country is it illegal to own or sell chewing gum?

It is illegal to own or sell chewing gum in Singapore.

Is it illegal to sell gum in Singapore?

Yes it is illegal to buy, sell, and manufacture bubblegum

Why should we not sell chewing gum in Singapore?

Chewing gum is -- or least was last time I was there -- a public crime in Singapore (in order to prevent the dark gum-stains you see in most US cities) punished fairly harshly by Western standards, usually by caning. It may not be illegal to sell gum in Singapore, but I doubt it will sell very well.

In Singapore you can not chew gum?

Actually, in Singapore you can chew gum. You just cannot sell gum. That is because people spit gum on the floor, they stick their gum all over the place. So you can chew gum, just make sure you throw it into a trashcan.

What is the punishment for Chewing gum in Singapore?

It's okay to chew gum in Singapore. There is no punishment. Although there is a punishment for spitting gum on the floor. There is also a punishment for sticking your gum anywhere. You have to pay a fine. If you want to chew gum, spit it out into a piece of tissue and throw it into a rubbish bin. BTW: It's illegal to sell gum in Singapore.

When was gum alowed in Singapore?

Gum was allowed in Singapore from the 2000s

Do supermarkets sell freedent chewing gum?

They used to but after someone call the health inspector,Singapore government stop people from selling gum

What is banned in Singapore chewing gum comics water pistols?

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore.

Where can you buy gum mix in the UK?

you can buy mix gum in the supermarket

Why is it illegal to chew gum in Singapore?

It's not illegal to chew gum but it is illegal to bring it in through customs and buy or sell it. Gum was banned because people were sticking it everywhere (on trains/on lamps).

What is banned forchildren in Singapore chewing gum comics water pistols?

Chewing Gum is banned in Singapore.

In which country is it illegal to chew gum?

In Singapore it is illegal to chew gum. Singapore forbids any importation of gum that is not for medical purposes.

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