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Does swallowing medicine in a pill form with hot water make the pill dissolve and work faster than taking it with cold water?

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2014-04-27 19:29:26

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The pill that you take will dissolve from the acid & digestive

juices in your stomach. Taking the pill with hot or cold water will

it dissolve faster or slower respectively. There are factors that

could make the pill dissolve slower - if there are other food items

in your stomach or if you take the pill with milk.

So taking the pill with plain cold water is fine as that's what

the normal case when pills are tested. It's a basic principal in

chemistry that heat, agitation, pressure speed up the rate at which

substances mix. You can test it yourself and see: put one pill in

cold water, one pill in hot water, and one pill in hot water that

you stir and see which dissolves fastest.

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