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yes, salt is very drying! but during the hot summers, not swimming doesnt seem to be much of an option so before you go into the pool put conditioner in your hair... just enough to evenly distribute

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Q: Does swimming in a saltwater pool damage your hair?
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Can saltwater swimming pool damage the plaster?

No, salt does not damage the plaster. Improper water balance will.

Does swimming in saltwater or swimming pool damage your skin?

well swimming in saltwater is okay because saltwater is like natural water for our bodies. and with swimming pools, it has chlorine. all chlorine does is try to make the water as pure as possible. but chlorine has a weird smell and it can damage some parts but not that much.

Will the water in a saltwater swimming pool damage brick around the pool area?

No I have had bricks around my saltwater pool for years and they are still in good condition. there can however be some problems when it comes to the effect salt has on the mortar.

Can you have an indoor saltwater swimming pool?


Is there a difference in swimming in a saltwater pool vs a freshwater pool?


Can dogs swim in a saltwater swimming pool?


Is it okay to shampoo your hair in a pool or will it damage the balance of the pH or the filter?

Damage you hair is more like it. The chlorine is very bad for your hair and should be rinsed after swimming. A: Not a good idea to shampoo in the hair in the pool. You are contaminating the water.

Why does swimmers shower after swimming?

Swimmers take a shower after swimming because there is chlorine in the pool. It can damage their hair and skin. They want to get them off.

How long does green hair last from swimming in a pool?

Not aware that a swimming pool had green hair.

What is the optimum saltwater level in a swimming pool?

That depends on the saltwater chlorination system you are using check with the manufacturer.

Is sodium absorbed through the skin by swimming in a saltwater pool?

Not at all.

Do you have to drain your swimming pool when converting it from a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool?

No, a saltwater pool is already a chlorine pool. ALL CHLORINE EVENTUALLY BECOMES SALT. Every pool that has ever had chlorine in it has salt in it.

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