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Does taking vitamin c increase your blood sugar level?


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2010-10-21 02:43:00
2010-10-21 02:43:00

No, but the "other ingredients" may contribute. Read the label and google unfamiliar words to find the cause. Also is C is in pill form, consider the liquid used when swallowing. Juice will increase BS and water will not.


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Loperamide is an anti-diarrheal medicine. The drug itself is not related to an increase in potassium on a blood test. However, having diarrhea can cause you to lose potassium and other minerals. So that a blood test taken before the drug is used can show a low potassium level. When the diarrhea stops, the potassium level will increase.

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The main dietary concern of taking warfarin/coumadin has to do with the amount of vitamin K in your diet. Vitamin K changes the way warfarin affects the blood. When you eatfoods that are high in vitamin K, you can decrease the effect of warfarin. Likewise,eating less vitamin K can increase the effect of the medicationAccording to Dr., a website with online menu planning for people with special diet concerns, 1 tsp. of cardamom has a low level of vitamin k.

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