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Does target have a layaway?

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yes target has layaway.

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No, Target does not offer any layaway plans as of 11/06/2013.

no o i think they have It

i am the CEO of Target also i have the powers of jesus and buddah combined and my powers of deduction tell me its impossible to tell. <----- STHU!

Many major stores offer layaway plans such as Wal-Mart and Target. Just recently Wal-Mart started a new extended plan that will allow you to obtain the money much easier, but remember layaway plans are an in store policy.

A lot of big corporate chains offer layaway including; Wal-Mart, Sears, K-mart, Toys R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Target, and many other large stores.

No, Walmart does not have layaway online or at their stores. The exception is a couple of months before Christmas, when they have layaway at their stores.

Any store has a layaway section. Layaway online will deduct a certain amount of money from the credit card supplied until the item is fully paid, this is different from IRL layaway because IRL layaway doesn't automatically deduct.

Yes they do. The layaway plan is for 30 days.

Sorry. Sam's Club does not have layaway.

Sears and K-Mart both have layaway plans. During the holidays, Walmart will use their layaway program to help people get what they need.

Yes, Walmart does have layaway after Christmas. In fact, their layaway program goes through the entire year, not just around the holidays.

There are several stores that offer layaway such as Kmart and Toys R Us. Walmart offers layaway during the Christmas season only.

Yes Journeys does a 30 day layaway but you have to put 25% down.

Walmart does not have year round layaway on electronics.

Sears and JCPenney both have layaway furniture layaways. Gallery furniture in Houston offers a layaway program as well as American Freight. Kmart carries lower cost furniture but also has a layaway program.

Macy's department store does not offer layaway year-round. Some Macy's department stores offer layaway during the fall and Christmas season.

Macy department stores do not offer a layaway plan. Kmart is the only national department store that offers a year-round layaway plan.

No Walmart does not have layaway. -------------- Walmart starting this year will do layaway until a bit before christmas starting in the middle of october for customers (year 2011). Walmart always has layaway in the jewelry dept and on special ordered guns (select stores).

Kmart does have layaway,but you would have to pay a little each week until christmas.

No. Only Will Call when you pay in full.

As of May 2014, Bass Pro Shops doesn't have layaway for guns. They must follow strict gun laws and layaway is not an option.

no they did away with the layaway program in 2006 The person above was correct, but starting this year 2011 Walmart is bring back Layaway until Christmas. Blit- items bought will not be included in the layaway this year though. Blitz is the day after Thanksgiving sale.

There is a 5% layaway fee for ipads at BestBuy. Details here

No, Ross does not have layaway. The only places that currently have layway are Sears, KMart, TJMaxx, and Marshalls.

well, some websites have layaway like but i guess you cant on other websites

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